BOC Group Advances The Lean Enterprise Architecture Experience With ADOIT 13.0

BOC Group Advances The Lean Enterprise Architecture Experience With ADOIT 13.0-01

BOC Group today announced ADOIT 13.0, enhanced with features that elevate some of its essential capabilities and make them smarter and more helpful in everyday tasks. The latest release packs even more intelligence and practicality into ADOIT by streamlining the way users get acquainted with the tool, access key asset information, and keep up with the transformation of their architecture over time. Led by users’ feedback, ADOIT 13.0 incorporates improvements that bump up performance and further ease the daily usage of the tool.

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“ADOIT 13.0 expands on the new Lean EA ADOIT experience and adds more flesh to it by allowing users to quickly deliver on their business outcome-driven architectures with easier tool handling, all-encompassing architecture insights, and remarkably flexible and well-connected EA ecosystem,” said Christoph Moser, ADOIT product manager.

“Relying on the voices of our customers, we’re excited to level up ADOIT yet again, and shape it in a way that makes our users’ experience more valuable and engaging – ultimately supporting them in achieving their transformation goals faster.”

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