Blockchain Marketplace Eliminates Credit Card Fraud and Simplifies Cryptocurrency Spending

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency marketplace for vendors and shoppers, eliminates credit card fraud potential by opting not to accept any form of credit card payment. The only way that users will be able to pay for their desired goods and services will be in cryptocurrency.

“We will be focused on eliminating credit card frauds and offering escrow services to safeguard the interests of both the buyers and sellers,” William Leen, CEO commented on the topic.

Due to the irreversible nature of a cryptocurrency transaction, a seller accepting payment this way will never need to worry about the hassles involving credit card charge-backs.

Cryptocurrency spending puts a high level of responsibility on the buyer. AllForCrypto users will be given access to educational materials and guides that will enable them to transact more wisely. This Peer-to-Peer transaction type promotes the safety and security of the funds spent and greatly relieves the potential for mistrust between parties.

AllForCrypto brings together e-commerce experts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, product vendors and consumers in a more secure marketplace for everyday purchases.

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