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BioIQ Announces COVID-19 Suite of Solutions for Health Plans, Employers and Government Agencies

By ET Bureau - March 25, 2020 2 Mins Read

BioIQ, COVID-19, Solutions for Health Plans, Employers, Government Agencies

BioIQ, a healthcare engagement, and clinical adherence technology company announces the availability of a national COVID-19 response program solution. The company’s COVID-19 solution enables health plans, employers and government agencies to quickly and seamlessly provide access to information and testing resources to at-risk individuals, including front-line responders, healthcare providers and people working in critical infrastructure.

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The offering expands the availability of testing, including test kits, as well as education and care navigation to those who need them most. In partnership with health plans, employers and government agencies, the program is offered at no cost to consumers through provisions enacted during the crisis.

BioIQ is actively working with community leaders, public health officials, employers and health plans to assess critical needs and prioritize populations for the rollout of COVID-19 programming.  Efforts are being guided by the company’s public health advisory board, led by BioIQ Chief Medical Officer Joshua Sclar MD, MPH, who completed residency training in public health at Johns Hopkins and brings years of senior leadership experience at healthcare technology companies.

“The U.S. is facing one of the largest pandemics of the past 100 years, struggling daily to address the virulence and rate of spread of this disease. The need for thoughtful engagement and testing is paramount to combat this disease. BioIQ is uniquely equipped to be a part of the solution,” said Justin Bellante, CEO of BioIQ. The company will use its extensive experience with over a decade of population health testing in home, retail and traditional care settings, along with the management of thousands of population health navigation programs, to support COVID-19 program design and execution.

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Efforts seek to respond to the urgency of the situation swiftly, while also collecting data for more informed global pandemic management. The current BioIQ COVID-19 solution framework:

  • Facilitates front-end analytics services on behalf of payers, employers, and government agencies to identify and screen those most in need of testing
  • Manages communications, engagement and program onboarding to support care navigation with minimal disruption to current provider priorities
  • Reduces hospital and health system burden through the availability of new testing and communications resources
  • Delivers testing to target populations quickly and at scale


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