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Beyond Identity Appoints Juha Hakava as Regional Director for the Nordics

By ET Bureau - June 09, 2021 3 Mins Read

Beyond Identity appoints

Passwordless identity management provider Beyond Identity, today announced the appointment of its Regional Director for The Nordics, Juha Hakava. 

Beyond Identity is the first and only company to provide a comprehensive passwordless identity management platform. Most data breaches and ransomware attacks start with cybercriminals stealing or leveraging compromised passwords. Beyond Identity removes this primary attack vector and stops attacks by eliminating the password. 

The company replaces insecure passwords with an innovative solution based on asymmetric cryptography and X.509 certificates. This proven, secure and scalable technology underpins TLS (the lock in the browser) which is ubiquitously deployed across the internet to protect trillions of pounds of financial transactions daily.

The cloud-native solution can be deployed in under an hour. It provides businesses with the strongest multi-factor authentication possible and removes user friction by requiring users to pick up a second device or enter a one-time code to login.  

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Launched in April 2020 in the US, the company is now investing heavily in entering the Nordic markets. Juha’s role will be to build out the business in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. His previous experience includes similar roles over the past 15 years with VMware/Carbon Black, Blue Coat and others.  

He comments: “Beyond Identity is a forward-looking and innovative company whose founders have a very strong pedigree, and I am excited to be starting up the Nordic region. The company is now making a major investment in the European markets.” 

As a 100% channel-centric business, Juha will use his vast experience of the channel ecosystem to identity and partner with Distributors, MSSPs, VARs and advisory organisations to help drive growth across the region.  

Strongly believes in password-free solutions  

Juha Hakava strongly believes in Beyond Identity’s opportunities in the Nordic markets: “Beyond Identity is based on an extremely exciting idea. Replacing passwords with encrypted certificates both increases security and removes everyone’s bad conscience towards passwords. Instead of a complicated security solution that only exists at the login itself, you get an easy-to-use product and continuous security that works around the clock.”  

“Passwords have been a challenge for decades and are still today the weakest link in the security chain. The Nordic region, where we are early adopters and positive to smart technology, is a good place to start this revolution,” says Juha Hakava 

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