New solution launches at Altitude 2019, the company’s annual SaaSOps event, with 32 new integrations to support leading SaaS applications Zoom, Atlassian, Docusign, Smartsheet GitHub, Tableau and more

BetterCloud, the leading SaaS Operations Management platform, announced today the launch of its “BetterCloud Integration Center,” a central exchange for customer and partner integrations designed to enhance the management and security of today’s most popular SaaS applications. BetterCloud is introducing the solution along with 32 new integrations to support leading SaaS applications, including Zoom, Atlassian, Smartsheet, Docusign, GitHub, VMware Workspace One, OneLogin, Pagerduty, Intercom, AWS, Tableau, Duo, Splunk, Datadog and more.

The BetterCloud Integration Center takes a community-driven approach to SaaS management and security. It provides a single place where enterprise IT teams can quickly access BetterCloud-built integrations from the applications BetterCloud supports as well as create and share custom integrations. Now IT teams can leverage these integrations to quickly automate complex IT admin processes, and secure and control user interactions within any application in their SaaS application stack.

“Enterprise IT teams have reached an impasse,” said David Politis, CEO and Founder of BetterCloud. “Digital workplace applications are now mission-critical to business, but they’ve left IT teams with a growing mountain of repetitive operational and administrative work, as well as massive amounts of dispersed SaaS data to reign in. Every action an employee takes on an application—installing a plug-in, forwarding an email, downloading a file—requires close monitoring and fast response from IT to avoid misconfiguration issues and potential data leaks. Managing and securing SaaS has become a herculean effort for an IT workforce already at capacity—and it requires a community effort like the BetterCloud Integration Center to help scale IT’s data protection and user orchestration efforts.”

With the BetterCloud Integration Center, IT professionals can:

  • Easily access BetterCloud-built integrations: Admins can implement their unique BetterCloud policies across their SaaS technology stack by leveraging 41 BetterCloud-built integrations that support today’s leading SaaS application providers.
  • Easily create and share custom integrations: By creating custom integrations, IT teams can integrate into any of the SaaS applications in their technology stack, elevating their impact on their organization and automating user orchestration for different business units’ SaaS applications. They can also submit these integrations to the BetterCloud community so they can be used by all BetterCloud customers.
  • Extend existing workflows: Save time and eliminate security vulnerabilities by enforcing and remediating policies in any core SaaS application. Use BetterCloud as the central policy engine for any SaaS application within their technology stack and extend existing workflows to their organization’s applications.

Politis adds, “SaaS application and data sprawl is growing exponentially. This is why the SaaSOps movement is critical. We launched Platform APIs earlier this year to extend support for any SaaS application. The BetterCloud Integration Center represents the next chapter in this evolution for the IT and SaaSOps community. Now our thousands of customers and trusted partners will have more ways to customize the BetterCloud platform to meet their specific SaaS application management and security needs.”

Many BetterCloud customers have been leveraging Platform APIs since its launch to create integrations and set workflows and policies for their SaaS applications. The BetterCloud Integration Center will now enable them to further customize the BetterCloud platform to gain greater control over their SaaS application stack.

“BetterCloud has re-shaped the way we go about managing and securing our G Suite environment,” said Colin McCarthy, VP Global IT, Essence. “First they gave us an out-of-the-box solution to uncover blind spots around email forwarding and delegation, manage email signatures, and monitor third-party services for security gaps. Then they gave us Platform APIs, which took these capabilities to the next level by allowing us to create our own custom integrations. Now they are introducing an exchange for us to share any new integrations with the rest of the BetterCloud community, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

“Onboarding and offboarding employees is a massive undertaking for any company — it kills productivity and slows IT down,” said Colleen Alaimo, Information Technology Manager, Excella. “We’ve been using BetterCloud for quite some time now and the impact it’s had on streamlining our ULM (User Lifecycle Management) processes has been invaluable to our business. Not only that, but we’ve been able to customize our own integrations in the last year which has granted our IT org more control over our SaaS stack. Now they are giving us a community to access BetterCloud-built and custom integrations — BetterCloud is an IT admin’s dream.”

“The digital workplace is exploding with apps and data, and using BetterCloud is how we are able to keep our data secure and our employees productive,” said Matt Harrison, Systems Administrator, Upside Business Travel. “They’ve set the standards and given us the technology to gain control over our SaaS applications. Now they are leading the SaaSOps movement and giving us access to a community that allows for the sharing of integrations.”