Bayestree Intelligence and Infranics Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer AIOps Capabilities to Infranics’ Cloud Customers

Bayestree Intelligence and Infranics Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer AIOps Capabilities to Infranics' Cloud Customers

Sainapse, built by Bayestree Intelligence Inc., based out of Dallas, TX, uses proprietary patent-filed technology and delivers high-accuracy classification and resolution recommendations for customer problems. Adopting Sainapse requires no prior data cleaning, labeling or indexing – a differentiator that tilted Infranics’ selection of Sainapse, in addition to its ability to manage multi and mixed lingual situations.

Infranics has been offering ICT infrastructure management solutions for the past 20 years: SysMaster Suite, Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP), Systeer Service, and Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) security certified cloud infrastructure. M-Console, a superior governance and management service, offered via SaaS, brings together the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data-based platform services. It also provides a 24/7 ICT infrastructure control center (M-Center).

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Leveraging M-Console and M-Center, corporate customers across public, financial, manufacturing, and service industries can efficiently and conveniently manage their operations. Infranics ICTWORKS – is a one-stop-shop for customers using multiple commercial software, freeing them up from the challenges of maintaining service levels and availability. Infranics ICTWORKS delivers full-suite IaaS, PaaS, along with related consulting. ICTWORKS is used by our customers across manufacturing, education, logistics and even e-commerce.

Infranics will be leveraging Sainapse for its ICTWORKS offering as well, making Infranics services truly cutting-edge and delivering the ‘instant first time right’ experience that Infranics customers have come to expect from them. With the introduction of Sainapse, Infranics and Infranics America move to the next generation of customer problem-solving. Infranics has been winning the Grand Prize in Korea for excellent service in the cloud service sector for five years, from 2016 to 2020.

While signing the agreement with Infranics America, Avijit Biswas, co-Founder and CEO of Bayestree Intelligence, mentioned, “We are excited to work with Infranics, undoubted Cloud and AIOps market leader in Korea, and extend the power of Sainapse to their cloud customers.”

Mr. Song, Founder and CEO of Infranics America, said, “We are excited to work with the Bayestree team and look forward to launching Opscow in the AWS marketplace to serve our customers even better.”

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