Barron McCann to use Rizikon Assurance from Crossword Cybersecurity plc to Expedite Supplier Onboarding

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Barron McCann to use Rizikon Assurance from Crossword Cybersecurity plc to Expedite Supplier Onboarding

Crossword Cybersecurity Plc the technology commercialization company focused on cybersecurity and risk, has announced that Barron McCann, the IT Services company, will use Rizikon Assurance to automate its supplier onboarding process. This announcement comes off the back of the launch of the second version of Rizikon Assurance in September 2019.

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Barron McCann will use Rizikon Assurance to provide a holistic risk overview of their top 250 suppliers, in order to mitigate the potential risks originating from their supply chain. Rizikon Assurance automates the supplier onboarding workflow, provides standardized questionnaires and offers a scalable secure centralized platform for the collection, review, and sharing of compliance data. Rizikon Assurance will replace manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive supplier management workflows that Barron McCann currently has in place, helping them to assess and visualize the risk of each supplier more effectively and efficiently, whilst also identifying risks in their supply chain as a whole.

Barron McCann will take advantage of the new, fully customizable features that Rizikon Assurance has to offer, including leveraging the scorecard module that provides a 360-degree view of risk across their supply chain. Bespoke scorecards will be generated that will visualize Barron McCann’s suppliers’ current level of risk across multiple, relevant dimensions.

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Richard Johnson, Leader for Procurement & Supply Chain at Barron McCann, commented: “The solution developed by Rizikon Assurance will become one of our key tools in identifying, quantifying and managing the risk and compliance with our suppliers and service providers. The customizable nature of this system has enabled Barron McCann to focus the attention on the areas which are of the greatest significance to our business. The Rizikon Assurance system will enable Barron McCann to re-evaluate our supply base more frequently, efficiently and effectively than ever before.”