Bango, the mobile commerce company, has successfully launched carrier billing routes in the Google Play store for new operators in AsiaLatin America, and Africa. Millions of customers in PeruHong Kong, and South Africa can now pay for the massive array of content and services in Google Play, charging the cost to their phone bill, all powered by the Bango Platform.

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In the space of six weeks, Direct Carrier Billing in the Google Play store has been enabled through the Bango Platform for subscribers of Entel in Peru, Sun Mobile in Hong Kong, and MTN in South Africa. Pre and post-paid subscribers can now simply click-to-buy using carrier billing for instant access to their favorite games, music, movies, and more.

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“Evermore operators across the world standardize on the Bango platform to bring mobile commerce experiences to their customers,” said Paul Larbey, CEO at Bango. “In addition to activating payments in Google Play and other app stores, Bango technology enables operators to offer third-party products bundled with their customer plans or marketed directly to their customers through Facebook and other platforms.”