BairesDev partners with Sana Sano Consulting to develop innovative tools for business optimization

BairesDev partners with Sana Sano Consulting to develop innovative tools for business optimization

The strategic consulting industry has changed drastically in recent times. Now more than ever, consulting companies need to think outside established standards and reinvent themselves in ever-changing environments. As a result, digital acceleration stands today as a crucial element to nurture innovation and maintain market competitiveness.

Sana Sano Consulting employs proprietary assessment tools to provide a complete view of their clients’ landscape and generate actionable information that fuels business transformation. Based in the US, Sana Sano specializes in adding value to enterprises by reshaping the way they approach management and technology. This way, companies can leverage their methodologies to provide clarity, insight, and a clear transformation roadmap for their clients.

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BairesDev is a leading technology solutions company driving the digital transformation of businesses across the globe. By working exclusively with the Top 1% of IT Talent in the industry, BairesDev is able to build tailored-fit development teams that match the needs of its clients.

Sana Sano partnered with BairesDev to accelerate their digital capabilities and develop innovative tools for business optimization. The BairesDev team provided frontend and backend development services to create custom applications that targeted different end-user groups.

These solutions were based on Angular’s NGRX libraries and a microservice-oriented architecture, as well as business logic platforms built on C# and the latest .NET Core frameworks. Similarly, BairesDev’s top engineers used Jenkins to automate testing and deployment while strengthening the infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline of the resulting applications.

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BairesDev has proven through experience that hiring senior engineers is a cost-efficient way to improve performance and significantly reduce time to market in a trusting environment where clients can feel at ease working with highly-effective workflows. This allows for a faster ramp-up, produces high-quality solutions, and minimizes issues during the development lifecycle.