Bain & Company Acquires Pyxis To Provide A Valuable New Dimension In Due Diligence And Investment Analysis

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Bain & Company Acquires Pyxis To Provide A Valuable New Dimension In Due Diligence And Investment Analysis

Bain & Company is acquiring Pyxis, a leading alternative data analytics firm, to complement its Advanced Analytics Group and bring unprecedented accuracy and speed to the analysis of external consumer behavior data. By combining forces, Bain and Pyxis will help private equity, institutional and corporate clients gain a more detailed and accurate picture of their own customers, their competitor’s customers and the clearest opportunities for growth.

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Bain’s Private Equity practice counts alternative data analytics as a differentiator, particularly in consumer product and retail due diligence with increasingly robust interest from corporate work. Pyxis’ unique analytical capabilities reveal where, how and why consumers buy, how they pay, how much they spend, how their needs and demands are changing, and much more.

“Big data represents a strategic business opportunity, and we believe alternative data analytics is core to our work,” said Richard Lichtenstein, an Expert VP at Bain. “Pyxis delivers state-of-the-art capabilities that complement our proven ‘outside-in’ approach with the ability to use complex data sets to assess company fundamentals. In short, we’re able to provide our clients with a valuable new dimension in due diligence and investment analysis.”

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By combining proprietary algorithms with their extensive experience with alternative data, Pyxis generates actionable findings from its billions of consumer data points, consisting of SKU-level online shopping transactions, GPS location visits, credit and debit card transactions, both in the U.S. and internationally.

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