AWS Launches Backup, It’s Fully-Managed Backup Service


Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service today launched Backup, a new tool that makes it easier for developers on the platform to back up their data from various AWS services and their on-premises apps. This Out -of -the –box service allows developers to set up backup policies for services like Amazon EBS volumes, RDS databases, DynamoDB tables, EFS file systems, and AWS Storage Gateway volumes, and more is on the way. To back up on-premises data, businesses can use the AWS Storage Gateway.

Users of the service can now define their various backup policies and retention periods. It also allows them to move backups to cold storage (for EFS data) or delete them completely after a certain time, from the Amazon S3 buckets where it is stored by default.

As the cloud becomes an increasing choice for all sizes of enterprises, this kind of services can be invaluable. So for now, most of the supported services, already feature the ability to create snapshots. Backup essentially automates that process and creates rules around it, so the pricing for Backup is the same as for using those snapshot features (with the exception of the file system backup, which will have a per-GB charge). A per-GB fee will be charged for restoring data from EFS file systems and DynamoDB backups. The service is currently being given to the AWS region, but by later this year, it will be offer cross-region functionality.

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