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Avatier for Teams Modernizes Workforce Collaboration by Incorporating SSO, IAM and IGA into Microsoft Teams

By ET Bureau - January 28, 2021 3 Mins Read

Avatier for Teams Modernizes Workforce Collaboration by Incorporating SSO_ IAM and IGA into Microsoft Teams

Avatier Corporation, the pioneers of work from anywhere (WFA) Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) cloud service delivered as a container, today announced the release of Avatier for Teams, a new Identity Access Management (IAM) solution that operates inside of Microsoft Teams to provide secure access however employees choose to work. Avatier for Teams modernizes the workforce by providing centralized, secure access to cloud and enterprise resources without having to deploy any additional software.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams has become the dominant collaboration platform, surpassing 115 million daily average users in October and generating $49 billion in annual revenue. As more organizations standardize on Teams, CIOs and CISOs are seeking new ways to ensure secure collaboration for work-from-home employees and remote users. Avatier for Teams provides an integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) solution with universal MFA support for secure identity authentication and access governance for any application.

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Avatier for Teams’ always-on access makes it easier to maintain workforce collaboration through real-time identity management for any protected application. Avatier for Teams eliminates the complexity of adding identity management software by leveraging the Teams platform to save deployment and administration overhead. Native Teams SSO software also gives IT managers consolidated identity management control to secure work-from-home users.

“We have been aggressively rolling out our Identity Anywhere platform to offer a common, easy-to-use identity management interface no matter how you access enterprise assets. Following our SSO releases for mobile devices and Chrome, Teams was the next logical platform since Microsoft is one of the leading providers in the collaboration market,” said Nelson Cicchitto, founder and CEO of Avatier. “Since Avatier is the first Identity-as-a-Container platform, it’s readily portable as well as hyper-scalable, providing a native, secure login solution that can run anywhere.”

“With the increase in hybrid models of work, Microsoft Teams has grown in importance as a hub for teamwork,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director of Microsoft 365, Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Since Avatier is natively integrated with Teams, Identity Management becomes a collaborative experience while deployment and administration of your identity management and SSO solution are simplified and controlled from within Teams.”

As part of Avatier’s Identity Anywhere, Avatier for Teams secures every identity in an organization, providing resources such as:

  • Single sign-on: Avatier’s single sign-on (SSO) provides secure access using existing directory users and groups to automate provisioning and de-provisioning. SaaS license analytics track seat allocations and license spend to increase productivity and cut licensing costs by 30 percent.
  • Self-service group management: Avatier for Teams allows for self-service Microsoft Azure group membership requests with push notification for workflow approval. Users can request to create delete, rename and manage group ownership all within Teams.
  • Universal workflow approval: Unlike other IGA solutions, Avatier for Teams is always connected, providing push notifications and instant alerts for workforce requests for roles, access, assets or change control, including approve/deny.
  • Certification campaigns for Teams: Access governance is continuously met by giving managers the power to approve, deny or allow exceptions to asset access or reassign certifications to another employee, as well as audit approvals to automate IGA certification and reviews.
  • Password management: Self-service password management with multifactor authentication (MFA) increases productivity by reducing downtime waiting for reset passwords and Avatier’s Password Policy Manager enforces enterprise password policy to maintain strong passwords across all systems.
  • Lifecycle management: To support lifecycle management, Avatier for Teams includes self-service access requests so data assets can be granted, disabled or deleted either in real-time or as a scheduled task.


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