Avatier for ServiceNow Brings Unified Identity Management to the Now Platform

Avatier for ServiceNow Brings Unified Identity Management to the Now Platform-01

Avatier Corporation, the pioneers of work from anywhere (WFA) Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) cloud service delivered as a container, has released Avatier for ServiceNow, the latest addition to the Avatier Anywhere platform. Avatier for ServiceNow modernizes workforce collaboration by allowing users to securely connect, provision and audit any identity or app from within ServiceNow’s Now Platform.

Avatier for ServiceNow is a certified ServiceNow app that adds a unified, passwordless approach to Identity Access Management (IAM) with single sign-on (SSO) to the Now platform to improve workforce efficiency. Since it is always on, users can make real-time requests for access to resources and applications and receive push notifications as well.

Avatier for ServiceNow gives IT managers a no-code, frictionless approach to identity management and security authorization for provisioning, deprovisioning and auditing using existing directories, so you don’t have to add another layer of complexity. Avatier for ServiceNow is seamlessly integrated with the ServiceNow portal to control application access through ServiceNow roles and application menus. Avatier for ServiceNow supports the most recent Now Platform releases, including Quebec and Paris. As a ServiceNow technology partner Avatier will support Rome and future Now Platform releases as well.

“Avatier’s Identity Anywhere solution works wherever you use ServiceNow,” said Nelson Cicchitto, founder and CEO of Avatier. “Organizations from all industries can bring together Avatier IAM and ServiceNow into a single, unified user experience to access any application from their favorite devices and platforms. It works best when identity is built on and deployed using ServiceNow.”

“IGA and ITSM are closely related,” said Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts. “Access requests and other service requests should integrate with the ITSM service portals, and ITSM helps in structured manual fulfilment of requests. Thus, delivering advanced integration to ITSM tools, specifically ServiceNow, is essential for serving the market demand well.”

Avatier for ServiceNow adds comprehensive identity security and management with Avatier’s one-time password (OTP) multifactor authentication (MFA) and supports other identity validation platforms including Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Security, Google Authenticator, Okta Verify, Ping Identity, Radius, RSA SecureID, Symantec VIP and other FIDO2-compliant solutions. It also provides a common user interface that works across all enterprise access platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google Chrome, iOS, Android and Slack, to name a few.

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Avatier for ServiceNow provides comprehensive IAM, IGA and security for less than the cost of individual security applications, including features such as:

  • Single Sign-On: Avatier’s single sign-on (SSO) gives users secure enterprise access when they need it. Just-in-time provisioning makes it easy to onboard the workforce across all enterprise and cloud applications.

  • Self-Service Group Management: Avatier for ServiceNow enables self-service group membership requests and push notifications to expedite approvals. Now you can securely request, create, delete, rename and reallocate group ownership from ServiceNow.
  • Access governance: You can use Avatier for ServiceNow for access governance and compliance management. Avatier empowers managers to approve, deny, allow an exception or reassign certifications as part of ServiceNow.
  • Universal Approvals: Push notifications expedite approvals with urgent requests for changes in workforce roles, asset access and change controls. You can even disable users or schedule deleting or changing user credentials.
  • Password management: Self-service password management with multifactor authentication (MFA) increases productivity by reducing downtime waiting for reset passwords. Avatier’s Password Policy Manager enforces enterprise password policy to maintain strong passwords across all systems.
  • Lifecycle management: To support lifecycle management, Avatier for ServiceNow includes self-service access requests so data assets can be granted, disabled or deleted either in real-time or as a scheduled task. Managers can establish controls by assigning organizational units, groups, roles and manage users according to their available budget. Mobile support, risk scoring and dual-authenticated approvals simplify lifecycle management and promote compliance.
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