Atos Unveils North American Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence Lab

Atos, Google Cloud, Artificial Intelligence

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation launched its Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab at its North American Headquarters in Irving, Texas, as part of a global partnership between Atos and Google Cloud to provide clients and businesses access to the latest analytics technologies. The Atos AI Lab in North America is the latest lab and a part of a global network with other labs in LondonParis, and Munich.

The Dallas-area lab offers North American companies the ability to collaborate with Atos and Google Cloud during workshops to better understand artificial intelligence and to help define and design specific use cases using data analytics and machine learning algorithms to enable companies to meet their evolving business needs.

“Atos has developed a differentiated experience with its North American AI Lab to provide customers tangible results which they can use to kick-start their AI strategy and take into the field immediately,” said Peter Cutts, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Atos North America. “Customers are looking for industry-specific solutions for their business needs, not a cookie-cutter approach. The Atos AI Lab approach empathizes with end-users’ needs and engages multiple stakeholders to deliver real-world code, datasets, and solutions that are repeatable and globally scalable.”

The Atos AI Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that combines a digital experience with design thinking methodology to allow participants to problem solve and create in a format that works best for them.

The Atos AI Lab offers an Incubation workshop that aims to create a use-case ready to deploy at the end of two days, meaning customers can start driving business results quickly. To achieve this, real-world customer data is coupled with an Atos-specific methodology to allow the customer to understand the business problem and leave the Atos AI Lab with a clear path on how to solve their challenges using big data and artificial intelligence tools.

In addition to the Incubate lab session, customers can go further in the AI process with a Discover lab session that provides a detailed technical assessment and a data strategy and implementation roadmap.

Lastly, customers can engage a Prototype lab that results in the initial data transformation pipeline and a machine learning front-end application ready to model specific use cases.

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