As AWS Re:Invent Launches, Logicata Research Reveals Only 29% of Mid-market Businesses Are Leveraging AWS High Availability

AWS Re:Invent, Logicata

AWS Re: Invent kicks off in Las Vegas, UK based AWS Managed Services Provider Logicata announces the results of their internal research which show that less than 29% of mid-market businesses are architecting for high-availability in the AWS cloud.

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Data was gathered using the Logicata cost optimization tool when offering Logicata’s free cost optimization report. The tool offers several best practice checks around usage and availability. The report highlights to customers when workloads are not spread across multiple regions or availability zones – a standard best practice recommended by AWS as a part of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Karl Robinson, Director, and co-founder at Logicata commented: “Our survey results show that many small and mid-market businesses have migrated workloads on a lift & shift basis to AWS, but they have not looked to modernize their infrastructure to take advantage of the high availability aspects of the AWS cloud.  Even if their application is unable to balance workloads across multiple instances, it still makes sense to distribute instances between availability zones to avoid the ‘all eggs in one basket’ scenario if and when an AWS infrastructure problem occurs.”

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Logicata noted that 26% of customers in the research sample who adopted AWS classic VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) had not upgraded to the newer VPC which enables communication between VPCs on the same subnet. By making this simple change, businesses could benefit from higher workloads availability at no additional cost, and without rearchitecting their applications.

The Logicata research highlighted that customers in the Financial Services vertical market fared best, with over 80% of businesses architected for high availability.

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