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Artefact and Dataiku join forces to empower ‘Everyday AI’ for data-driven decision making across the organization

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Artefact and Dataiku join forces to empower ‘Everyday AI’ for data-driven decision making across the organization

Global data consulting services specialist Artefact has formalized its relationship with Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI. Leveraging the platform, Artefact enables customers to adopt AI in all areas of their business in order to perform data-driven decision-making that delivers return on investment (ROI) throughout the organization.

Dataiku simplifies approach to AI and drives ROI

Dataiku provides one central solution for the design, deployment and management of AI applications. Applicable for all industry sectors, the platform enables data and domain experts to build AI into their daily operations and combines technical expertise with business acumen to enable new AI capabilities across the organization. This democratic approach to data allows collaborations across previously silo-ed departments to deliver deeper intelligence, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Forrester Total Economic Impact study for Dataiku demonstrated that its approach can drive 423% ROI over three years, while saving 75% of data scientists’ time and enabling a 90% reduction of repetitive, manual reporting tasks.

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Artefact helps clients leverage their data for Dataiku AI platform

As a member of Dataiku’s Partner Network, Artefact supports Dataiku clients to help them maximize opportunities for ROI. It takes an end-to-end approach to enable data transformation through a combination of strategic understanding, technical expertise, business experience and project management capabilities. Artefact teams facilitate Dataiku platform installation, provide data consulting services and create data strategies, design responsible data governance policies, and deliver user training to upskill all employees.

Artefact’s role helps customers to extract the full value from data wherever it is in the organization and use this to create and power AI models that enhance day-to-day operations.

Artefact and Dataiku success stories

Artefact and Dataiku have collaborated on several successful digital transformation projects.

French telecom company Orange wanted to optimize its call centre service by upgrading the labour-intensive process used to analyse call volumes and patterns and more accurately predict shifts in customer behaviour resulting from external events. Artefact’s data science team used Dataiku to develop two new types of automated machine learning models; predictive models delivered a new and precise way to forecast call activity, and explanatory models analysed the factors that influence variations in call volumes, thereby providing insights for senior management.

Implementing these at Orange using the Dataiku platform resulted in a total of 36 machine learning models being deployed, the ability to detect up to 65 queued calls, and a 92% accuracy rate when forecasting call volumes.

A major global retailer wanted to adopt business-relevant and customer-related KPIs to enable it to make informed decisions about marketing activities and monitor their performance. However, the company had multiple data sources (such as CRM, customer transactions, campaigns, products, and media), and it lacked standardized, automated processes for analysing the success of marketing initiatives.

Using Dataiku, Artefact’s data analysis team created two products to provide a cohesive view of the company’s global activities. The client insight card shows essential KPIs and insights into key customer behaviour, and the test and measurement dashboard tracks the performance of email and customer relationship-building activities.

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Artefact is certified Dataiku Analytics Partner

Artefact has 84 Dataiku certified employees, ranging from Advanced, Sales, Basic, and Train the Trainer (124 certifications in total). These trained specialists work with customers to implement the Dataiku platform and ensure that it delivers the benefits that will enhance their business.

Vincent Luciani, co-founder and CEO of Artefact, says: “To truly benefit the enterprise, AI cannot be limited to select areas of the organization. We work with Dataiku to facilitate ‘the democratization of AI’ so that it becomes an integral part of daily operations. That goal is underpinned by ensuring customers can derive full value from the wealth of data they hold – ultimately facilitating better business outcomes.”

Sofian Benali, VP Partnerships EMEA at Dataiku says: “Our certified analytics partners are selected based on their capacity to help us deliver for our customers on our belief that AI is for everyone, regardless of their ranking within the company or whether they have a technical or business role. Artefact’s dedication to data and its teams that embody this are the ideal foundation for our platform, helping us to smooth the AI journey for organizations in all business sectors based on their individual needs.”

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