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ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants announced today, the launch of a NEW advanced, automated and actionable analytics engine, ARMSRx INTELLECT.

By ET Bureau - March 09, 2020 1 Mins Read

ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants, automation, analytics engine, ARMSRx INTELLECT.

ARMSRx INTELLECT is a distinctive pharmacy benefit consulting engine that is at the forefront of technology, bringing improved efficiencies and outcomes to clients. The ARMSRx INTELLECT engine delivers meaningful information and actionable alerts that have an immediate impact on prescription drug costs.

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“We’re very excited to be the first to launch this one of a kind, an advanced analytics tool that protects our clients and provides them with direction and unclouded timely information. With all the various pricing models in the market, including NADAC, Pass-through, No Rebates Model, Average Script Price Guarantee, PMPM Guarantee, just to name a few, we’re able to uncover what’s really happening inside our client’s pharmacy benefit management program, regardless of the PBM or pricing strategies being used” states Jennifer Wilson, CEO of ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants.

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Through the innovative ARMSRx INTELLECT engine, the ARMSRx seasoned consulting team provides clients an in-depth reassessment of selected plan design options, network offerings, formularies, trend and clinical management programs to modify when not performing as intended. The Most Impacted Resource Due To a Data Breach: Money


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