Ariox Releases Lumino – A One-Stop Scalable Integration Solution

Ariox Releases Lumino - A One-Stop Scalable Integration Solution (1)

Ariox announces the release of Lumino, a cloud integration platform offering scalable and seamless data synchronization and transformation – allowing agile communication between any enterprise applications.

Ariox, a team of highly experienced developers and integration pioneers came together to solve a universal challenge facing businesses today – Integration Frustration. Their vision was to create a user-managed integration platform that would actually improve business performance, instead of causing just another headache.

Lumino puts users in the driver’s seat of their integrations; with seamless data integration between formerly disconnected systems, powerful data dashboards and analytics tools, custom-tailored integration rules for data transformation, and a professional and prompt customer service team to help make sure the last thing on your mind is your integrations.

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Create custom rules and prioritize your integrations, configure data origin and destination, eliminate time-consuming manual entry, and streamline your workflow all from a convenient cloud-based portal right on your own desktop or tablet.

The best part? Everything can be configured and controlled by you the user.

Now, you may be thinking – Why would my business need a single platform integration tool?”  IDC, an independent research firm, states that one in five organizations now have more than 10 integration tools in use.  Stewart Bond, the Research Director of Data Integration at IDC, reports that “a single platform that normalizes data across any source…is critical for business process visibility and optimization…” as well as for “freeing valuable technical resources to focus on other priority initiatives”.

Lumino IS that single platform, eliminating data silos between applications and trading partners by integrating data from any number of disparate sources.

Lumino gives users the functionality to manage their own integrations, reducing dependence on customizations. “This DIY approach by citizen integrators (end-users) enables configuration rather than building from scratch by technical development teams (Software AG)”. This ground-breaking solution takes a complex web of connections and organizes it into a straightforward and repeatable practice—optimizing delivery and extending integration capacity on-demand.

So, if you’re tired of clunky, outdated integration systems, manual data entry nightmares and a lack of agility in your workplace – consider letting Lumino be your guide to a bright new business future.


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