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Ariox Releases Lumino 2.1 – An Exciting One-Stop Scalable Integration Software as a Service (iSaaS)

By ET Bureau - July 02, 2020 3 Mins Read

Ariox Releases Lumino 2.1 - An Exciting One-Stop Scalable Integration Software as a Service (iSaaS)

Ariox announces the release of Lumino version 2.1, a user-managed, one-stop scalable integration solution. This innovative business tool includes dynamic data rules, integration prioritization, business intelligent (BI) analytics, and smart alert engine—for agile communication between any enterprise applications.

“The economic turbulence of 2020 underscores the necessity for businesses to function with the highest levels of agility in all domains,” says Mary Arnhart, President of Ariox. “Lumino radically transforms how companies can effectively deal with bi-directional transactional data B2B, B2C, and any solutions external to your system of record (SOR). Lumino is a game-changer—setting a new standard of measurement that frees the single and multi-business enterprise from the stranglehold of proprietary software and custom developers.”

Having a SINGLE integration solution is considered a ‘must’ by IDC, an independent research firm stating that one in five organizations now have more than 10 integration tools in use. Lumino, a single platform eliminates data silos between applications and trading partners by integrating data from any number of disparate sources. The result is improved business process and data visibility—bolstering agile response to economic disruptions and rapid change.

Lumino gives users the functionality to manage their own integrations, reducing dependence on customizations “with a DIY approach by citizen integrators (end-users) that enables configuration rather than building from scratch (Software AG).” This ground-breaking solution takes a complex web of connections and organizes it into a straightforward and repeatable practice—optimizing delivery and extending integration capacity on-demand.

Lumino utilizes dynamic application bridging to create bi-directional data paths between any source and any destination system with the Lumino portal as the central hub. System connectors function interchangeably with Lumino’s software neutral portal, meaning system changes or upgrades only require a connector change—minimizing the cost of data integrations. The Lumino library of Plug-n-Play (PnP) connectors allows for rapid activation in the cloud or on-prem.

The BI Analytics Dashboard & Smart Alert Engine provide increased visibility of business-critical data, with aggregation in one place. These features make it possible to evaluate information that can be used for decision-making, predictions, and trend analysis.

The Dynamic Data Rules engine, accessible in the Lumino portal, transforms data between systems to meet user requirements and/or third-party specifications. The rules can be generated and managed in-house and applied uniquely to each integration as required.

Stewart Bond, Research Director of Data Integration at IDC, reports that “a single platform that can normalize data across any source…is critical for business process visibility and optimization…” as well as for “freeing valuable technical resources to focus on other priority initiatives.”

Ariox is a skilled team of business professionals and software developers with the vision to simplify complex data integrations. The team provides integration tools and connectors that cost-effectively enable businesses to improve process agility and data visibility in-house.


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