Aragon Research Innovation Award Recognizes for its Conversational AI Platform

Aragon Research, Innovation Award,, Conversation Intelligence, Conversational AI Platform, the leading Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams, has been named a winner of the 2019 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Conversational AI. Built to help revenue teams exceed their goals, new hires to ramp faster, leaders to become better coaches, and everyone in the organization to collaborate around the voice of the customer, enables informed strategic decisions that help to define enablement topics and increase win rates. This award recognizes’s best-in-class Conversation Intelligence Platform, which helps growth-driven sales organizations create high-quality, consistent sales call experiences at scale.

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Chorus uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to analyze sales calls meetings, helping teams to identify and replicate the success of top-performing reps. Insights from these calls include meeting summaries with key moments, recommendations on past calls to review, winning talk-tracks from the team, and assessing prospect engagement and reactions. This serves as the foundation of a winning playbook for sales. In turn, companies win deals more consistently, build a coaching culture and can more quickly ramp new employees with best practices.

“We are honored to be recognized by Aragon Research as an Innovator and leader in  Conversation Intelligence, said Roy Raanani, CEO of “Businesses need complete, unbiased and real-time information about their customer interactions to improve rep performance, improve processes and make strategic decisions about the market and competitive trends. Chorus delivers those insights to reps and managers proactively, which is why Conversation Intelligence has quickly become a must-have tool for every revenue team.”

The Aragon award recognizes’s visionary use of technology to not only adapt as markets change but to actively disrupt and inform how the market evolves. was formally presented with the award on December 5th, 2019 at Aragon Transform, the annual Aragon Research awards ceremony.

“Innovators are technology providers who have a best-in-class technology or service that differentiates them in their respective market,” said Jim Lundy, founder, and CEO of Aragon Research. “We are excited to present with a 2019 Innovation Award for the way they have disrupted the sales enablement industry through Conversation Intelligence.”

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Earlier this year, published its ‘State of Conversation Intelligence Report,’ which summarizes data from more than 300 companies and 5 million recorded sales calls transcribed and analyzed between January and June 2019,” said Natalie Severino, VP, Marketing at “We believe both the report and award further highlights our commitment to providing insights that help sales leaders, managers, and client success teams to improve upon their own metrics and strategies.”

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