Aptilo and Espressif Confirm End-to-End Interoperability for Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT

Aptilo, Espressif, End-to-End Interoperability, Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT
Aptilo and Espressif Confirm End-to-End Interoperability for Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT

Aptilo Networks and Espressif Systems announced end-to-end interoperability between Espressif’s popular ESP32 SoC platform and Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity™ (Aptilo Wi-Fi Zero-touch) for AWS IoT Core.

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Aptilo Wi-Fi Zero-touch effectively removes the two hurdles of a mass market for Wi-Fi-based IoT: the issue of manual onboarding of IoT devices to the Wi-Fi network and the security concerns of an open Wi-Fi network.

Aptilo Wi-Fi Zero-touch is delivered as a connectivity control service running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It utilizes the X.509 client certificates that already exist in the IoT device, as an identity token for AWS IoT Core, to also automatically connect the IoT device to a secure Wi-Fi network SSID (802.1x).

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“We are thrilled to work with AWS and to have verified interoperability with Espressif, a leading supplier of Wi-Fi modules for IoT,” said Jan Sjonell, VP IoT, Aptilo Networks. “By eliminating onboarding and security obstacles for devices connecting to Wi-Fi networks, an increased number of manufacturers of IoT devices will from now on choose Wi-Fi instead of other short-range radio technologies for IoT connectivity.”

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