AppScale and Packet Partner to Offer AWS Hybrid Customers Independence, Data Control, and Cost Savings

AppScale , Packet , AWS Hybrid Customers Independence, Data Control, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
AppScale and Packet Partner to Offer AWS Hybrid Customers Independence, Data Control, and Cost Savings

AppScale, the leading independent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) compatible Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, and Packet, the leading provider of bare-metal automation, announced a partnership that will enable enterprises to deploy AWS workloads on Packet bare-metal servers with no workload modification.

Today, almost 60% of enterprises are driving a hybrid cloud strategy that aligns application requirements and platform capabilities; ensuring that workloads benefit from the right infrastructure, at the right location, at the right time, and at the right cost. Many of these enterprises want to embrace a single AWS development and deployment paradigm across public and non-public cloud environments; while still maintaining flexibility, compliance and cost objectives. AppScale and Packet are enabling enterprises to leverage existing AWS technology and expertise to deploy AWS workloads on Packet’s bare metal servers and achieve key business goals.

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“Customers are looking for a seamless and cost-effective approach to deploying AWS workloads in hybrid cloud environments. With AppScale and Packet, companies can continue to invest in AWS while addressing specific data management, cost, or workload requirements that require deployment outside of the public cloud – all without modifying their AWS application code,” said Woody Rollins, AppScale CEO.

The AppScale and Packet solution is fully compatible with AWS core service offerings. By enabling applications developed on AWS to be deployed to hybrid environments, the solution enables a variety of use cases including dev/test, placing computation close to data, and moving workloads to the appropriate platform based on current application requirements.

“Many of our customers leverage AWS as their public cloud of choice but face difficulty or operational overhead when deploying to other environments. With AppScale, customers can run their AWS workloads on dedicated infrastructure at Packet, allowing them to meet business requirements quickly and easily,” said Jacob Smith, Packet’s CMO and co-founder.

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“AWS has been a key provider for Qlytics and our customers. As demand rapidly increases for the Qlytics AI Development Platform, we need to ensure business flexibility, maintain data control, and manage costs. With AppScale, our customers are able to seamlessly deploy pre-configured, state-of-the-art AI tools running on Packet, empowering them to reap the competitive advantages of AI at scale,” said Marco Buchbinder, Qlytics CEO.

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