Apple First Head of Marketing for AR, ex iPhone Executive


Frank Casanova, an erstwhile leader of iPhone marketing for wireless carriers, has been appointed as Apple’s first head of marketing for augmented reality. His LinkedIn profile says Casanova is now “responsible for all aspects of Product Marketing for Apple’s Augmented Reality initiative.”

Casanova has been with the brand for about 30 years. He played a key role in the launch of the original iPhone, and the development and marketing of products like QuickTime video player. Along with that, he was also actively involved in striking deals with carriers to promote the handset.

In identifying a senior executive from the iPhone stables for the post of first head of product marketing for AR, Apple sends out a signal that focuses on the importance that the brand attaches to technology in its quest for major new products.

With a name and face on Apple AR efforts, and appointing a senior executive with a track record of working on advanced technology projects leading Apple’s efforts in AR, Apple has made it’s seriousness about the technology clear to the market.

This comes in time with the plans in store. Apple is planning a 3-D-based AR camera for iPhones in 2020 and has a team of hundreds of engineers working on an AR headset and operating system, Bloomberg News earlier reported. The Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has been showing keen interest in AR. The California-based company Cupertino’s ARKit software which allows apps to integrate the technology has been a part of the iPhones and iPads till now.

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