AppGuard Partners with ThinkOn to Deliver Leading Cybersecurity Solutions in Canada

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AppGuard, Inc, A Blue Planet-works company and leading zero trust cybersecurity solution provider for endpoints, servers, mobile platforms, and IoT devices, announced a new strategic partnership with ThinkOn, Canada’s only wholesale provider of storage, compute and networking resources. As a leading service provider with over 100 reseller partners across North America, ThinkOn strives to develop a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enable the adoption of cloud services that are both innovative and practical.

AppGuard has been deployed by leading government, financial, legal, healthcare, travel and many other industry organizations to effectively and affordably address the rapid escalation of malicious cybersecurity threats, often undetectable by conventional means. AppGuard’s patented solution is unique in the space, focused on prevention instead of detection. This approach has been proven to be effective against every type of attack, including file-less malware, drive-by downloads and most importantly, zero-day. At the same time, implementing AppGuard into the cybersecurity stack provides significant cost savings across the entire IT and cybersecurity cost center.

“ThinkOn is an outstanding partner for us to continue our global expansion. They are a critical leader in their industry and in the Canadian market, which will be critical to expanding our global footprint. ThinkOn is committed to extending its value by providing cost-effective solutions with 100% focus on data protection in the industry,” says Maitland Muse, VP of Channels & Strategic Alliances.

The Canadian government has developed a new cybersecurity strategy to bolster Canada’s ability to combat cybercrime and safeguard Canadians digital privacy, security, and economy. Over $500 million is planned to be invested in cybersecurity in the next five years. This is the single largest investment in cybersecurity ever made by the Canadian government. The strategy notes that cybercrime costs Canada over $3 billion a year, but that internationally, the annual cost is expected to rise to $6 trillion by 2021.

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