AppDynamics Expands Global Service Software Offerings With Five New Locations

AppDynamics Expands Global Service Software Offerings with Five New Locations

AppDynamics, a Cisco– affiliated company that provides the industry’s leading business observability platform, today added SaaS ( Updynamics ) with the addition of five new strategic locations. Software as a Service) announced that it has expanded its services to provide quick, secure and reliable access to AppDynamics’ business observable platform.

With new locations in Cape Town (South Africa), Hong Kong (China), London (UK), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Singapore built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), customers and partners in each region will be safe. With scalability and access to a full-stack observable solution that complies with national data location regulations, companies can deliver superior digital experiences.

According to a recent Gartner survey , nearly 70% of organizations currently using cloud services plan to increase cloud spending in the wake of the turmoil caused by COVID-19.

Gartner Research Vice President Sid Nag said: “This pandemic confirms the effectiveness of cloud value proposition. The ability to achieve cost efficiency and business continuity using an on-demand, scalable cloud model is a digital business for organizations. It’s an incentive to quickly deploy your transformation plan. ”

While engineers are leading the way in responding to this pandemic, many companies are facing increasing pressure to innovate and scale up digital services, and the move to SaaS methods is significant. It is being considered.

In addition to the challenges of introducing SaaS services due to the legislation and regulations of data locations that are showing progress, delays via cloud services that may exist based on the proximity to SaaS bases have become a concern when considering SaaS methods. I am.

But today’s CIOs urgently need a secure, reliable, and scalable SaaS solution to support their rapid digital transformation efforts and meet the ever-growing demand for users seeking the perfect digital experience. I am aware that there is.

The addition of five new locations provides a solution for companies concerned about potential data sovereignty and data governance requirements, as well as providing access to customers around the world.

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Combined with the Point of Presence already in Portland (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Mumbai (India) and Sydney (Australia), AppDynamics can offer more SaaS support than any other vendor on the market.

It came to be. Recently recognized by Gartner as a significant strength , AppDynamics is expanding its SaaS deployment globally, allowing companies to focus on creating the perfect digital experience through the Cisco AppDynamics Business Observable Platform: You can achieve enhanced management as you like.

  • Data Location, Privacy, Security-Large companies in each country can comply with comprehensive compliance regulations and security certifications such as expected data location regulations, SOC 2 Type II, EU / US data transfer agreements, and GDPR-Ready.
  • Scale – AppDynamics services leverage AWS scalability to deliver fast access to your data, while reducing total costs, reducing on-premises resources, and adding support and maintenance.
  • Fast access to innovations-Customers can take advantage of the latest innovations from AppDynamics, including cloud-native services, APM, and application security, with automated, seamless upgrades.

Vipal Shah, Chief Product Officer (CPO) of AppDynamics, said: “Organizations are currently in a position to urgently transform their digital business strategies and need a reliable SaaS platform to enable them on a large scale.

AppDynamics is a business observable platform. We are committed to providing a great digital experience through our company, and our expansion of our SaaS presence will bring us an unparalleled level of SaaS coverage in the industry. With this expansion of our SaaS location, AppDynamics Can maintain its position as the first company of choice for global companies. ”

Prior to the addition of five new locations, AppDynamics announced the provision of SaaS services in India in October 2020, and this addition will expand our global SaaS deployment in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. It is developing.

Each location is strategically selected based on the needs of users in each region, and AppDynamics has evidence that this strategy is quickly meeting the needs of companies around the world. For example, the SaaS location in Frankfurt doubled the number of users in just 18 months.

AppDynamics’ new SaaS location will be available on the dates below.

  • Singapore (April 2021)
  • London (April 2021)
  • Hong Kong (July 2021)
  • Sao Paulo (July 2021)
  • Cape Town (July 2021)

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