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AOPEN Announces Heat Finder Thermal Imaging Solution

By ET Bureau - June 18, 2020 2 Mins Read

AOPEN Announces Heat Finder Thermal Imaging Solution

AOPEN, a global technology company that specializes in smart products and services for cloud-based applications, is proud to announce the launch of the AOPEN Heat Finder Thermal Imaging Solution − a dual-camera system that quickly and accurately detects elevated body temperatures.

“With so many industries facing unique, unprecedented challenges, thermal imaging technology has become more important than ever,”  says Aaron Pompey, President, AOPEN Pan America. “The new safety-conscious consumer expects a completely different experience — one that requires businesses and organizations to evolve rapidly in order to compete.”

Used at more than 1,000 locations in Taiwan, one of the world leaders in disease control and pandemic response, Heat Finder achieves the best continuous accuracy by using seven measurements per second on up to four points. Using T-Guard face-finding technology, Heat Finder is able to distinguish a warm forehead from other common hot spots, such as a cup of coffee.

Medical thermometers, while accurate, take five to six seconds per person, causing long lines and consuming valuable time and resources. The non-intrusive Heat Finder system supports multiple cameras for multiple entrances — monitoring temperatures as people walk past, to  ensure both safety and efficiency.

Whether businesses are looking for a reliable, high-performance camera to integrate with their existing solution, or require a full solution from AOPEN and its partners, Heat Finder is a completely local thermal imaging solution — avoiding cloud and network security issues.


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