Announcing Savii and Nevvon Integration: Our Software Just Got a Little More Savvy

Savii, Nevvon, Software

Savii, Inc., home care software vendor, announces a partnership with Nevvon, taking yet another step in the right direction. Savii is at the frontlines of technology, providing a holistic experience to agencies with an all-in-one agency management platform, which now includes easy access to Nevvon’s caregiver education platform.

Caregiver turnover is an industry-wide issue that creates a financial burden and hinders the quality of care. According to Home Care Pulse’s Benchmarking Study, agencies that provide just eight hours of ongoing training annually have a 7% lower turnover rate. The integration seamlessly addresses common retention and compliance issues: caregiver skills, training documentation, job fulfillment, and professional development, all thereby affecting the quality of care.

“How we build our teams and train our industry today will set the standard for how we interact in-home care for generations to come. If we don’t put advanced technological integrations at the forefront of our efforts, we risk reinforcing to the industry the exact inefficiencies that we so urgently need to counter,” states Nevvon Co-Founder/CEO, James Cohen.

Savii Technology SVP, Ashley Wharton adds, “Nevvon’s progressive strategy and passion for this business align perfectly with ours. It’s been a fun initiative to work on, and this is the first step, we will continue to deepen our partnership and level of integration in the coming months.”

This integration puts knowledge at the fingertips of caregivers. Administrative staff can view active staff training and reports within the Savii portal. This, combined with Savii alerts, proactively manages employee credentials for compliance and enhances the caregiver experience.

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