Anexsys Announces Partnership With Brainspace

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Anexsys Announces Partnership With Brainspace

Anexsys, the leading UK consulting firm specializing in legal support and e-discovery is delighted to announce its new partnership with Brainspace, the world’s leading data analytics platform for investigations, eDiscovery, and compliance.

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Anexsys has integrated the Brainspace platform as part of the firm’s e-discovery managed services solution, enabling clients to conduct early case assessments and manage the growing volume and complexity of complex litigation and investigations.

“At Anexsys we are committed to delivering innovative new ways to solve complex data challenges for our clients. Our partnership with Brainspace will place highly specialized investigative technology in the hands of our consultants, significantly enhancing the service we will be able to provide to clients,” says Rob Crowley, Anexsys’ Managing Director.

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“Our exciting new partnership with Anexsys highlights our commitment to the UK market and we are keen to support the innovative approach of Anexsys,” stated Dean Kuhlman, Vice President of Sales at Brainspace.