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Almost Half of U.S. Employers Plan to Increase Training Budgets Due to Artificial Intelligence

By ET Bureau - October 03, 2019 2 Mins Read

Almost Half of U.S. Employers Plan to Increase Training Budgets Due to Artificial Intelligence

It should come as no surprise that as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent within the workplace, many companies are re-evaluating employee training programs. According to a recent survey, 45% of U.S. employers say they plan to increase employee training budgets as AI and automation change the nature of some jobs and create opportunities for new ones. Only 16% expect to reduce training budgets.

The research also found U.S. employees are split on their perception of their readiness to work with AI. In fact, just over half (52%) of the U.S. employees surveyed believe they have the necessary skills to be successful in an AI-enabled workplace. However, almost as many (48%) doubt they have what it takes, with 20% saying they do not possess the right skills and 28% reporting they simply aren’t sure. But confident Millennial employees are the most likely age group to feel their current skill set will meet the challenge of AI.

“The most successful AI deployments take more than good data and the best technology – people are an equally important part of the equation. We believe that’s why employers should be investing in their people to prepare them for a future workplace that will change as a result of this intelligent technology,” said Merijn te Booij, chief marketing officer, Genesys. “Savvy organizations understand that as AI takes on more of the simple, repeatable tasks, it also presents an opportunity to help employees increase their technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking that will lead them into fruitful career paths.”


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