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Akamai Technologies Inc. Acquires Authentication Technology from KryptCo

By ET Bureau - September 20, 2019 1 Mins Read

Akamai Technologies, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, announces that the company has acquired the technology of KryptCo, creator of multifactor authentication technology.

KryptCo technology establishes an authenticated and encrypted communication channel, resistant to phishing while still offering a simplified user experience that does not require entering pin codes. This enables enterprises to implement multi-factor authentication, an increasingly critical enhancement to identity and access which are core tenets of zero trust, with the confidence the additional authentication factors are end-to-end verified and with minimal risk of phishing attacks.

“Prevailing technologies in the industry that offer multi-factor authentication are still vulnerable to phishing and other attack vectors, making them easy to compromise and break the promise of zero trust,” said Dr. Robert Blumofe, executive vice president of Akamai Technologies platform organization and general manager of the enterprise division. “Multi-factor authentication methods need to provide an end-to-end verified and encrypted architecture that eliminates dependency on insecure methods and leverages a more secure way like cryptography. Simplicity and ease of use remain key ingredients to help enterprises and end-users adopt and use the solution while enhancing security.”


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