AInnovation Ranks First in PASCAL VOC, the World’s Authoritative Object Detection Challenge

AInnovation, PASCAL VOC, Object Detection

Recently, PASCAL VOC, the world’s authoritative public evaluation datasets for object detection, released its latest rankings. “AInnoDetection”, the algorithm developed by AInnovation surpassed the performance of many well-known AI enterprises and university laboratories in comp4, including Google, Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon, Tsinghua University, Alibaba, Sogou, and Tencent. Across the twenty evaluation criteria, AInnovDetection ranked first in ten criteria, reflecting the sophistication of AInnovation’s AI algorithm.

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Object detection is one of three basic tasks in computer vision, and it’s also a challenging problem in the field of computer vision. Pascal VOC Challenge is one of the three most important computer vision challenges in the world. The datasets have high-quality annotations, complex scenarios, and diverse targets; and therefore, it is a prime choice for fast testing algorithms. Pascal VOC does not have big datasets, but it has rich scenes, therefore it tests for the design and innovation ability of AI.

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Pascal VOC is the main venue for AI companies to compete, and competition is fierce. It attracts nearly 100 professional teams from across the world, including Google, Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon, Tsinghua University, Alibaba, Ping An Technology, Sogou and Yi+.

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Pascal VOC datasets have 20 classes, including humans, animals, vehicles and indoor objects. AInnovation’s computer vision team participated in the competion4 subtask. Across all twenty classes of the competition, AInnoDetection ranked first in ten classes and ranked first overall by total score.

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