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AI-based company Zowie launches Zowie Diagnostics aligning CS and CX

By ET Bureau - October 12, 2021 3 mins read

Today, Zowie – the customer service automation tool – announces its new free product Zowie Diagnostics. This enables e-commerce businesses to see the immediate impact an automation customer tool, like Zowie, would provide before investing in it.

Zowie is the first company in the automation space that shows the true impact of using tools ahead of any purchase. Zowie Diagnostics reveals your vital metrics, how automation will impact your growth and what customer support questions are stopping you from becoming great at CX.

Automation often sparks controversy—when companies buy an automation tool, it’s hard for them to see what they’re getting beforehand. Zowie Diagnostics brings transparency into the picture. Companies can finally see what’s under the hood before making a purchase.

The company, used by businesses such as L’Oreal, Aviva, InPost and Avon, also recently announced its integration with Zendesk. Businesses simply need to plug in their Zendesk, Zowie then analyses your historical data, tells you where your problems are, and what your automation potential is.

This comes at a time when 50% of customers will switch to a competitor after just one bad support experience.

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Maja Schaefer CEO and co-founder at Zowie (and Forbes 30 under 30) commented, “We need more transparency in the customer service industry. I’m proud to say Zowie is stepping up the game. Companies deserve clear and honest information about the state of their customer support and available solutions. And that’s what we’re providing. You’ll learn about your vital metrics that impact the daily work your customer support agents are doing and instantly see soft spots that require fixing.

The tool shows exactly which customer support questions are your most repetitive and the variations of the same questions customers ask. The tool also reveals your automation potential and illustrates your long-term growth forecasts. Its novel growth prediction mechanism makes future planning a cinch.”

“We’re at a turning point in customer service. In the past year, e-commerce has grown as much as it did in the decade before. And just as the digital world is accelerating, customer expectations are evolving too. Consumers want support that’s speedy, thorough, and personalised.

This is why aligning customer support and customer experience is more important now than ever before. Currently these teams are at odds, each having their own objectives and KPIs. But they can, and should, be working toward common goals. Agents should have the time to answer every question with the care and attention it deserves. Zowie Diagnostics is helping achieve this.”

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