AI and 5G Will Create an Explosion in Cybersecurity Risks

AI, 5G, Cybersecurity Risks

AI and 5G will create an explosion in cybersecurity risks,

says FBI agent and general counsel at $50 billion firm

With AI fats becoming the centerfold poster boy of enterprise, there are some questions arising on the future of cybersecurity. As AI and 5G combine forces, the risks shoot up; say an FBI agent and the general counsel of the professional services firm Marsh & McLennan. The two experts- Ari Mahairas and Peter Beshar are advisors to industry and public sector about the newer risks of cyber-attacks, as well as solutions to the threat.

With the power of 5G connectivity, and the amount of data availability, new technologies will be far more vulnerable to hackers- especially through the single platform devices- through IoT an AI nodes

The result could be disastrous, especially for highly sensitive places like nuclear power plants, they said. For an enterprise, especially in Silicon Valley, 5G could be the pipe for the entry of the biggest risk situations. The risks could very easily go out of hand and law enforcement agencies and security technology companies will very quickly need to prepare for. In addition, risks of terrorists getting access to insider information in sensitive industries go that much higher with 5G and AI on the board.

Speaking to the Business Insider, the two experts said that there could also be huge risks for threats at a corporate level. “We’re engaged in a race without a finish line,” Beshear says of the threat. “Cyber is a unique threat that poses a threat to both government and industry both sectors have been breached repeatedly. Neither one of us is immune.”

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