AgilePoint Celebrates the Future of Automation

AgilePoint Celebrates

Digital process automation software company launches version 8.0 of its landmark PaaS geared toward users with minimal code experience.

Today, AgilePoint, a software company specializing in digital process automation for users with minimal code experience, launched version 8 of their landmark PaaS.

This release marks a giant step toward making the cultivation and growth of Citizen Developers in the technology world, allowing fusion teams to build digital processes and business portals in record time.

As part of the journey to revolutionize low-code/no-code automation, AgilePoint v8.0 was unveiled with a completely revamped user interface and user-friendly functionality, including:

  • A centralized Work Center to efficiently manage end-to-end processes for distributed teams of any size.
  • A guided App Builder Wizard with a built-in checklist to simplify even the most complex solutions, including governance and security.
  • Automated application generation from Excel spreadsheets for easy business data migration and improved governance.
  • A robust business intelligence and reporting module that simplifies the collection, visualization, analysis, and distribution of business-critical data.
  • An addition of ServiceNow, Jira, Microsoft Power Automate, and Ethereum Blockchain to the extensive list of 70+ out-of-the-box integrations.
  • A host of new user-requested features that make process automation stress-free.

According to the founder, Jesse Shiah, “This new release of the platform is the culmination of everything that we’ve been working toward since we founded AgilePoint: Scalable business automation for all, regardless of skill level. Organizations everywhere can use our platform to create composable enterprise environments that can stand the test of time and technology, even in the harshest economic conditions.

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