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Aetina Introduces New Blaize-Powered ASIC-based Edge AI System

By ET Bureau - December 12, 2022 3 Mins Read


Aetina , an edge AI solution provider that offers embedded computing hardware and software for AI and IoT, has launched a new ASIC-based edge AI system powered by the Blaize® Pathfinder P1600 programmable embedded System-on-Module (SoM). The Aetina AI Inference System ( AIE-CP1A-A1 ) is a small embedded computer designed for various computer vision applications, including object detection, human motion detection, and automated surveillance.

The AIE-CP1A-A1 model features the small form factor Blaize® Pathfinder P1600 Embedded SoM, ideal for harsh and demanding environments and embedded systems that require an extended temperature range. It features dual ARM Cortex-A53 processors, 16 GSP processor cores, delivering 16 TOPS AI performance and the advantages of low memory bandwidth and low latency, making it capable of delivering the neural Network (NN) and the deep learning process (DL) to accelerate.

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Based on the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP®) architecture, the Pathfinder enables low-power processing power ideal for AI inference workloads at the edge, easily plugs into a custom carrier board, and runs autonomously or integrated into a larger system . Due to its compact, fanless design and multiple I/O ports, the AIE-CP1A-A1 can accommodate both commercial and industrial AI-powered systems with vision AI-related inference. The Blaize Pathfinder also supports H.264/H.265 video encoders and decoders, making it compatible with different types of sensors to perform fast image recognition and video analysis tasks.

Aetina offers bespoke carrier boards and computer cases for sophisticated system integration and a chip-down design service to offer other types of embedded computer models such as single board computers with the Blaize Pathfinder in addition to regular box computers. In addition, Aetina helps developers convert their AI inference models into a format that can run and function normally on edge devices with ASIC chips.

“We are now expanding our Edge Computing product line to offer more GPU and ASIC-based solutions to help developers build their AI systems across various vertical markets and industries,” said Jackal Chen, Senior Product Manager at Aetina. AIE-CP1A-A1 model, powered by Blaize Pathfinder P1600 SoM, is our first ASIC-based system.In the future, by integrating different types of chips and modules, we can offer heterogeneous computing devices suitable for different AI models. ”

“Keeping AI processing and inference workloads at the edge, rather than sending data to the cloud, is critical for low-cost and near-zero latency AI applications,” noted Dinakar Munagala , CEO and co-founder of Blaize. “The Pathfinder SoM and our GSP architectures enable this key business goal for the needs of computer vision applications, including object detection, autonomous optical surveillance, robotics, and more.”

In addition, Aetina is now developing other ASIC-based AI accelerators with M.2 and EDSFF specification for developers, which will accelerate the inference processes of their AI models at the edge.

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