ADP DataCloud Reaches New Heights with AI-Enhanced Features

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In a constantly evolving, fast-paced world of work, data-driven insights can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. ADP®, announced enhancements to its workforce analytics platform, ADP DataCloud, which include improved user experience and technological advancements that simplify business management with the goal of eliminating barriers through enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

In an increasingly competitive labor market, companies of all sizes need to be nimble and informed to target, attract and retain talent with the skills necessary for long-term employment. Through machine learning, ADP DataCloud leverages ADP’s unmatched workforce data from over 30 million employees to deliver actionable insights that can help executives make real-time decisions to better manage their businesses.

“Due in part to the inaccessibility and mistrust of their data many companies are “flying blind” in terms of accessing and understanding vital data about their own workforce.  This is a major pain point we often hear because it serves as a barrier for organizations to get the intelligence necessary from their data to design a more effective workplace,” said Jack Berkowitz, senior vice president of product development at ADP.  “We evolved ADP DataCloud in an effort to help solve for that challenge and allow business leaders and HR managers to make more informed and efficient decisions that directly impact the bottom line.”

ADP leverages insights from its immense pool of workforce data to design products that allow business leaders to make actionable decisions by eliminating the need for the manual analysis of a company’s data.  Previous enhancements such as Executive and Manager Insights (EMI) have helped clients seamlessly measure, compare and apply insights uncovered from ADP workforce data to identify specific issues including unnecessary overtime costs and productivity gaps, enabling them to take action within the flow of work. With AI-enhanced capabilities, ADP DataCloud can continue building upon its success and help leaders proactively address issues before they become larger problems.

“The day of data-driven talent recommendations has arrived,” said Josh Bersin, a global industry analyst. “ADP’s enormous access to workforce data, coupled with safe and ethical AI to identify patterns, can help companies rapidly improve hiring, pay, and management decisions.”

A new feature allows for more intelligent hiring through the use of more relevant job-matching. ADP DataCloud improves a hiring manager’s chances of identifying and onboarding the right candidates using an improved job-matching solution that extends to over 27 unique industry models and deepens job understanding down to the skill level.  Designed for hiring managers and HR departments, this solution offers managers the ability to pull relevant and required skillsets for a job posting from previous hires in ADP’s vast aggregated and anonymized employee data set, helping organizations deliver more effective and accurate job postings based on those necessary skills, resulting in better candidates and hires.

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