Adobe Buys Oculus Medium from Facebook to Accelerate Its 3D & Immersive Offerings

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Adobe recently announced it has acquired the Medium team’s Oculus. An innovative VR authoring tool at Facebook’s Oculus division, the Medium team, and technology are a new addition to Adobe as Adobe aim’s to meaningfully accelerate its 3D and immersive efforts.

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Medium has been a beacon of creativity in the VR space, pushing creative and technical boundaries of 3D modeling. The creative tool enables users to sculpt, model and paint in an immersive environment – to easily create characters, objects, environments, expressive works of art and more. The integration of Medium’s tools and technology will greatly contribute to Adobe’s 3D and immersive strategy.

VP, 3D and Immersive, wrote, Sebastien Deguy, on the post on Adobe’s official blog, “ We’re also excited about the thriving community Medium has been enjoying. We welcome this world of talented artists with great enthusiasm and will ensure continuity in the way they currently access and experience the tool. We can’t wait to work with this community to keep Medium growing and improving. During my time at Allegorithmic (acquired by Adobe in January 2019), we’ve always looked up to Medium and seen shaping as something we’d love to tackle. The redoubled investment of Adobe in the 3D and AR space finally allowed us to join forces and bring our complementary talents together. The Substance and Medium teams are ready to work together on the next generation of 3D tools.”

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