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Addepar Introduces Pricing Assurance Program to Support RIAs

By ET Bureau - April 10, 2020 2 Mins Read

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Addepar, a leading technology platform for wealth management, announced Addepar Assurance, a program designed to make it easier for new clients to gain access to Addepar’s platform during challenging market conditions. The program provides credit for new clients to offset their cost of Addepar until the negative impact of market conditions on their business subsides. In a first of its kind offering, the duration of the credit provided through Addepar Assurance will be directly linked to an RIA firm’s choice of benchmarks — either the firm’s assets under management, the S&P index or the CBOE Volatility index.

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Addepar’s asset-based pricing model already closely aligns Addepar with its clients’ interests. Addepar Assurance takes this a step further by combining a credit, accelerated implementation timeframe, and access to the Addepar community and best practices. The program aims to arm RIAs with the technology and data-driven insights they need right now to meet increasing client demands.

“COVID-19 is causing significant economic and operational disruption for the RIA industry,” said CRO, David Lessing. “We’re fielding increased inquiries from RIAs who are struggling to address client needs with their current tools. We’ve benefited from a strong trajectory of growth over the past decade and want to take the opportunity to reinvest in RIAs, and in turn their clients when they need it most.”

Addepar was founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and was specifically built to provide insights into the most complicated portfolios and assets, especially during times of economic volatility. Advisors have driven a record 400% usage increase on the platform over the last several weeks, underscoring the value it is providing to existing clients.

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“Even under normal circumstances, changing your wealth management platform is a big decision. Investing resources and capital in new technology can be daunting, especially amidst the current market uncertainty,” said Jeff Schoff at Tiedemann Advisors. “However, our investment in Addepar has been invaluable, making it easy for us to manage volatility and communicate effectively with our clients and advisors while working remotely. At a time when many in the industry are overburdened by subpar technology, seeing Addepar rise to the occasion and make this offer available to RIAs is refreshing.”


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