Acembly releases ftX Client for Any Cloud Backups and High Speed File Transfers

Acembly, ftX Client, Cloud Backups, High Speed File Transfers

Acembly releases Auto Cloud Backup, Multi-Cloud Search, File Sharing and Fast Transfers to/from Any Cloud Storage

Businesses of all sizes are searching for better tools and solutions to manage their ever-growing content demands and requirements.  Whether documents, large video files or folders, there’s a need for easier management of any hybrid cloud that allows users access to both their local and cloud systems.

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Acembly, a hybrid, and multi-cloud management SaaS has just released a new desktop client with auto-syncing and built-in high-speed file transfer that allows users access to their local storage systems and cloud storage accounts in order to access, backup, share files and optimize networks for high-speed data transport.

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“In the new hybrid and multi-cloud data management world, there’s a need for easier management and use of leading public cloud storage services like S3, Azure and Wasabi Cloud.  Users require access to their files, whether on their computer, local server room or in the cloud,” says Patrick Kennedy, Co-Founder & CEO of Acembly.  “With the release of Acembly’s ftX client, our users now have a simple way to control and access their content across their organization while saving on costs.  The ftX client will help users immediately connect to their cloud account and manage their hybrid cloud with much more efficiency.”

There are other Cloud Backup, Search and High-Speed File Transfer products available in the market but there is not a single solution that offers all of these features available to download and start using with the ease of Acembly.  Another benefit is that the ftX client stays running on the user’s system and connects with Acembly’s SaaS application, giving users access to more features and control of their data requirements.

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“There are millions of cloud storage users worldwide and we think it’s still very early in cloud storage adoption.  We’re extremely focused on building products and features that deliver ease of management for any hybrid or multi-cloud user.  We’re building the most powerful data management feature set that supports any cloud storage for any size business or team,” says Patrick Kennedy.

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