ACCELQ and Fujitsu Partner To Offer Best-In-Class Automated Testing Solutions

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ACCELQ and Fujitsu Partner To Offer Best-In-Class Automated Testing Solutions

ACCELQ and Fujitsu America announce their partnership to bring together ACCELQ’s industry-leading Continuous Testing platform and Fujitsu’s best-in-class solution delivery. This partnership underscores both ACCELQ and Fujitsu’s commitment to helping global customers achieve continuous delivery and boost their digital transformation efficiently.

When Plug-and-Play Really Isn’t

“Choosing the right automated testing tool is critical. We scanned the market and identified ACCELQ as the best-in-class solution,” said Ruchir Patel Practice lead at Fujitsu America. “ACCELQ’s automated testing platform makes it easy to implement continuous testing and delivery while deploying new processes within our business flow.”

Over the past month, digital disruption is accelerating and businesses are trying to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation across industries. ACCELQ offers a simplified automation tool that allows Fujitsu customers to deploy intelligent automated testing with little scripting language knowledge, saving time and money when rolling out new features and updates.

“We want to welcome Fujitsu America as an esteemed partner,” shared Guljeet Nagpaul, Chief Product Officer at ACCELQ. “Continuous innovation and technology excellence is at the heart of this partnership. We look forward to collaboration across teams and providing solutions to enable customers to achieve faster high-quality releases.”

Quality Department is the Backbone of Enterprise Digital Transformation Journey

ACCELQ is the automation platform of choice for Fujitsu various SAS offerings including the likes of Fujitsu Glovia Order Management and Fujitsu Salesforce Implementations, further validating the partnership. The ACCELQ platform is also able to achieve continuous testing and enables a complex in highly customized Salesforce environments to achieve rapid releases while maintaining high-quality standards.

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