Accedian, Solace, and MobiledgeX Partner to Deliver Assured Performance for Next-Generation 5G and IoT Services

Accedian, Solace, MobiledgeX, 5G, IoT Services
Accedian_ Solace_ and MobiledgeX Partner to Deliver Assured Performance for Next-Generation 5G and IoT Services

Accedian, Solace, and MobiledgeX announced a partnership that enables leading organizations to make edge computing a key pillar in their digital transformation strategy. The partnership meets the acute market need for the event-driven edge infrastructure required for mission-critical applications that are also focused on business outcomes.

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Organizations require applications that can scale globally and dynamically across highly distributed networks and infrastructure. The ability to do this consistently and predictably across multiple clouds and various mobile telecom networks with the highest quality of performance is exceptionally challenging.

As global telecommunication providers, enterprise organizations, and governments embrace the benefits of digital transformation, CIOs and CFOs are thinking differently about how to measure and assure their hybrid IT environments to deliver on their digital transformation goals. The applications they rely on must be developed, published, and supported on a global scale and traverse cross-orchestrated, cross-domain, federated networks. IoT, 5G, and edge technologies are also facilitating a new generation of applications that require networks and IT infrastructure to be real-time, event-driven and dynamic.

“Application delivery is increasing in complexity with distributed cloud processing (e.g. core, edge, access) across the networks that connect these cloud environments and the rapidly emerging world of IoT,” said Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Accedian. “Until recently, the challenge was that there had not been high performance, guaranteed class of service around event handling. Publishing events across a multi-carrier network that spans jurisdictions and borders had been a best effort with no SLAs from end-to-end, or publisher-to-subscriber”

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Fortunately, with the advent of edge cloud compute and the ecosystem that MobiledgeX is building with strategic partners Accedian and Solace, the ability to assure continuous data and communications connectivity in these challenging environments is now possible. Solace contributes the event handing brokers that publish events to subscribers, and Accedian provides the network performance measurements and application delivery assurance across these hybrid environments. Together, the partners address the problems that CIOs are facing in three primary areas:

1.   Providing an assured infrastructure for cross-carrier and cross-border orchestrated session continuity: this is critical for mobile communications applications and services in the areas of emergency service transportation, defense, and supply chain logistics, for example

2.   Advancing the ability to measure and scale applications to drive financial and operational results across cloud and telecommunications networks

3.   Gaining visibility and control over applications that deliver financial and operational metrics, enabling CIOs to reinvest and financially expand profitable outcomes from the best-performing applications

“The emerging world of 5G will enable new experiences and business models. Delivery of data to applications in a predictable, auditable way is foundational for enterprises to realize the opportunity and to meet emerging regulatory requirements,” said Paul Fitzpatrick, Chief Business Development Officer, Solace.

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