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4Stop Solves Global Business Underwriting With an Automated Data-Driven KYB Solution

By ET Bureau - September 10, 2019 2 Mins Read

4Stop (“FourStop GmbH”)a leading global KYB, KYC, compliance, and fraud prevention provider announces the launch of their enhanced global Know Your Business (KYB) solution. The solution is designed to allow businesses across the globe to maximize their B2B onboarding in a fully automated, data-driven, compliant and risk-free manner. Dramatically reducing the complexity, resources, time, costs and manual processes currently experienced within business underwriting and management of their active business relationships.

Through a single API, 4Stop’s KYB solution combines aggregated premium global KYB and KYC data services, an anti-fraud engine, automated workflows and a centralized view of KYB verifications, data, risk indicators, reports, UBO’s, corporate structures, documentation and more. Businesses can perform granular business underwriting worldwide in near real-time and in the most efficient and cost-saving manner possible.

“With the vigorous and continuous growth of our online eco-system encompassing rapid eCommerce growth, FinTech evolution, and expanding regulatory requirements, businesses find themselves in an era where simple box-checking with associated manual due-diligence is no longer acceptable. They are being driven to enter an age of rigorous, meaningful, data-driven due-diligence. Ensuring they not only meet the compliance for onboarding businesses but to be confident their underwriting mitigates risk exposure to protect their brand reputation. Our KYB solution has been designed from the foundations and insights years of experience within the industry has provided us. We are proud of our new KYB solution and its innovations that are proving to automate and improve efficiencies within underwriting globally and allow businesses to obtain a clear, data-driven risk assessment to onboard confidently in a fail-safe and compliant manner. All while ensuring their KYB performance is future-proofed against the on-going evolution of the regulatory landscape,” states Ingo Ernst, CEO 4Stop.

4Stop’s KYB solution gives businesses complete control and flexibility in enabling their underwriting workflow for various compliance. From quickly identifying the business and its associated UBO’s/Directors through to enhanced due diligence. Businesses can quickly retrieve comprehensive data analysis on businesses’ online presence, operational structure and performance, compliance adherence, credit scoring and reports, adverse media presence, and associated registry and business documentations. Furthermore, they have access to the 4Stop KYC suite to facilitate KYC on UBO’s/Directors from compliance watchlist screenings through to Document ID verifications and more.


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