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3D Media Unveils Data-Digitizing Tool for Manifest Enterprise AR Platform from Taqtile

By ET Bureau - December 16, 2020 3 mins read

3D Media, a leading developer of custom virtual and augmented reality solutions for manufacturing, military, and industrial applications, has developed a new tool to capture and process operating procedure data. The new patent-pending AI application automatically extracts data from standard operating procedures – SOPs – commonly prepared as part of the process for repairing and maintaining complex equipment. Automating the extraction of key data and incorporating it directly into the Manifest® platform from Taqtile saves organizations time and money, and increases service accuracy.

In many industries, the most commonly used file format for storing SOPs is Adobe PDF. This time-intensive method of manually tracking and accessing form-based information can cause delays, result in inaccuracies, and suffer from human error. The new 3D Media data-extraction tool replaces these form-driven processes by rapidly incorporating key information directly into the Manifest AR platform, increasing efficiencies, improving the overall accuracy of repairs, and supporting critical maintenance of industrial equipment conducted by frontline personnel.

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“We’ve partnered with Taqtile on numerous deployments of its Manifest system and have consistently recognized the bottleneck traditional document-based systems can cause for our customers,” stated Daryl Roy, CEO of 3D Media. “Our new AI tool accurately scrapes data from PDFs and integrates it into Manifest, improving the performance of frontline workers in multiple industries, including the military, oil and gas, and power-generation. And as the AI tool matures, it learns the structure of the documents to more quickly capture key data and more effectively incorporate it into Manifest.”

The intuitive design of the Manifest platform delivers the ability to leverage the expertise of knowledgeable frontline personnel, empowering other members of the staff to perform complex tasks more safely, efficiently, and accurately. The addition of the 3D Media data-extraction tool complements powerful Manifest features enabling remote experts to provide accurate, real-time direction to frontline staff through the platform’s shared, augmented environment.

The inspiration for 3D Media to develop the new tool occurred while working with a branch of the U.S. military. Over the course of the project, 3D Media authored lengthy SOPs with multiple steps. It became clear these complex, form-based procedures were a bottleneck for accessing the appropriate expert subject matter through Manifest. Based on this need, 3D Media developed the tool, greatly increasing the efficiency of capturing and leveraging SOP data within Manifest.

“3D Media is adding exceptional value to the Manifest AR platform by automating and digitizing operating procedures commonly stored as PDFs,” said Mr. Kelly Malone, Taqtile’s Chief Customer Success Officer. “Innovative applications like this 3D Media tool advance the usability of Manifest and make frontline users more efficient and more effective.”


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