2019 Techtrends: The Top 4 Enterprise Tech Trends In 2019

Tech Trends

New trending technologies have replaced the Data wave of 2018. A brand new year- brings up new top tech trends -Security, AI, Cloud Computing and Blockchain.

In a recent @IDGTechTalk Twitter chat about enterprise tech trends for 2019 showed a back to basics trend for enterprise technology in 2019. In a recent @IDGTechTalk poll, 45 percent voted for privacy and security to be the top enterprise tech issue for 2019, AI came a close second with 30 percent, 16 percent voted for cloud computing, and 9 percent for Blockchain adoption.


The huge losses in security attacks of the last few years have brought on this trend, and now that the general sentiment is – no one is safe, every enterprise and government can be hacked, and the focus is on how to fix it!  The days of thoughts, ideas, prayers, and hope are apparently over and more proactive action is planned for.

Closely linked to innovations that will increase security, cloud computing and Blockchain could be the answer there. Businesses are aware of this leverage they can take, but how they do it will be a path-breaking change, CIOs opined. Of course, there will be the required innovation in cybersecurity, particularly encryption technologies and securing data in the cloud/collaboration tools.  It is also hoped that Data governance will play a large role in improving cybersecurity and data privacy, and many leaders see a big connection between that and data privacy and security. The GDPR ensures policies like HIPPA evolve to a similar level, supporting security and data privacy regulations.


While AI is slowly but surely becoming a gold standard, its rate of growth may be slowed due to the lack of skills and abilities, not to mention user interface. So this year will see these aspects of AI being simplified- skills and user interface simplification. The computer ability is present, but easy usage and use, to be able to run it without super expensive data scientists- that is the focus, experts say. Some other experts feel that the biggest advances will come from AI-enabled chips that will increase the speed of AI execution of apps. As a result, we may see much better and improved workload management and predictive analytics, and get much closer to the reality of what AI can actually do. This year, Data scientists and developers will be able to utilize improved neural network models using Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX), experts say, and this will likely to increase AI adoption.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing rate of adoption is expected to hit new highs, and a cloud computing study by IDG Communications in August 2018 found that 90% of all companies will have some part of their applications or infrastructure in the cloud by 2019, and the rest over the next 2 to 3 years. This will be especially true for the hybrid cloud.


While Blockchain was an interesting concept in 2018, the industry is expecting to see more use cases in 2019. CIOs are waking up to the fact that this distributed ledger technology can be much more useful than merely as a tool for the financial industry. Network security could be a huge consumer of this technology since Software-defined networks (SDN) are an ideal fit for it. Blockchain technology will also likely disrupt the IoT and cloud-based infrastructures, experts maintain.

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