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10ZiG® Technology Innovates Cloud Agent Authentication Feature as Part of its No-Cost Management Software, The 10ZiG Manager™

By ET Bureau - April 23, 2021 2 Mins Read

10ZiG® Technology Innovates Cloud Agent Authentication Feature as Part of its No-Cost Management Software_ The 10ZiG Manager™-01

Over recent years, 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client Hardware Specialists, have been earning quite a reputation in the VDI space for The 10ZiG Manager™, 10ZiG’s FREE Enterprise Centralized Management Software for endpoints running on a 10ZiG OS in a virtual desktop environment – from x86 devices to laptops, tablets, or old, outdated endpoints, etc. Providing IT Administrators with the choice of managing endpoints via traditional LAN/WAN or the Cloud, The 10ZiG Manager™ is equipped with innovative, cutting-edge features that make deploying and managing large volumes easy, and now even more securely, regardless of location.

The Cloud Connector, an integral part of The 10ZiG Manager™ Software Platform working in tandem with its Server, Console, and Web Manager settings, now features integrated Cloud Agent Authentication. 10ZiG Cloud Agents featured on 10ZiG Linux and Windows based endpoints can now be authenticated via the Cloud Connector using the 10ZiG Cloud Connector Authorization tool. Authorization codes can be issued to a single Client or used by multiple Clients. This provides flexibility on authenticating each individual Client, or group authentication based on for example, issuing to temporary contracted workers.

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When the appropriate setting is enabled for the 10ZiG Cloud Connector, only remote Cloud Agents configured with an authorization within the database would be authenticated to connect and register with The 10ZiG Manager™. Unauthorized connections would not be authenticated and would be rejected. The authorization exchange is fully encrypted, as is the primary Cloud Agent to the Cloud Connector after a Client is authorized, ensuring the key exchange is not openly visible. Furthermore, the Cloud Agent Authorization Code can be used in combination with the Cloud Agent Registration Code, the latter which is used to automatically filter Clients into Management Configuration Groups.

Vu Nguyen, 10ZiG Senior Software Engineer, “The primary goal of the Cloud Agent Authorization is to prevent unrecognized or rogue devices from registering themselves with The 10ZiG Manager™. This new authentication feature adds an extra layer of security, in that the connecting Clients can verify as being part of the organization. IT Admins. can try it out for themselves with our Free Demo program at”


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