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Leveraging Audio Technology for a Secure Future

By Vishal Muktewar - December 02, 2020 6 Mins Read

Business leaders now see audio as key to maintaining client, employee, and partner communication, and this has been exponentially increased as workforces continue to work remotely – this is a trend that isn’t going to dissipate in a post-pandemic world,” says Jane Craven, Sales Director UK & Ireland, EPOS in an exclusive interview with EnterpriseTalk.

ET Bureau: Do you feel enterprises face any challenges or threats with efficiently using collaboration tools?

Jane Craven: Businesses are going through a challenging time, with many companies seeing a negative impact as a result of the current health landscape. However, if they want to meet the challenge and thrive, they need to recognize that working with good quality communications solutions is one of the critical investments you need to make to stay competitive.

Post-pandemic, it is likely this will play out beneficially as workforces shift more permanently into a hybrid model. Today, customers are increasingly moving away from cheaper models toward investing in quality solutions.

Quality has emerged as a priority because issues on calls and in virtual meetings have been exacerbated by the global migration to remote working. EPOS’s COVID research in collaboration with IPSOS found that over 95% of modern workers are experiencing daily issues with their audio that can have a detrimental impact on business, time spent, productivity and output.

On average, end-users are losing almost 30 minutes per week due to poor audio quality on calls, double-checking information and following up over email. For the average full-time worker, this equates to just over three days of lost time per year.

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Beyond the quality of a call, business leaders are also beginning to recognize that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will no longer cut it – 95% of decision-makers are planning to invest in new audio equipment periodically over the next few years. No two jobs and no two individuals are the same after all, so why should the audio solution be?

ET Bureau: What value do you think advanced audio technologies will bring to the communication strategies of any enterprise?

Jane Craven: Hybrid working is here to stay, quality audio technology and equipment solutions are fast becoming a critical component in enabling business continuity across multiple sectors. Business leaders have realized that by embracing these collaboration solutions, both time and money can be saved. Research conducted by EPOS revealed that 45% of global leaders cite time savings and 41% say that cost savings are the most important reasons for using video meetings over face-to-face.

Business leaders now see audio as key to maintaining client, employee, and partner communication, and this has been exponentially increased as workforces continue to work remotely – this is a trend that isn’t going to dissipate in a post-pandemic world. Audio quality makes business sense as it leads to better customer service, stronger employee engagement and greater collaboration.

In fact, audio quality is becoming so important that 78% of global decision-makers are willing to pay extra for it. By investing in quality audio solutions, business leaders from both small and large organizations are mitigating the potential for audio issues and productivity loss while also future-proofing their business. Investing in a quality audio solution is not only about investing in your people but also about investing in the business.

ET Bureau: How does investing in audio technology lead to a successful hybrid working model?

Jane Craven: Businesses that embrace the promise of new technologies and consider how to harness these solutions to unlock and enable greater efficiencies with their people will succeed. For hybrid working to sow positive results for any enterprise, there needs to be a seamless employee experience. Although audio technology is just one piece of the puzzle, it is vital in facilitating it.

Employee experience is critical and while working remotely will not ever be the same as working in a physical space with your colleagues – it can come close. By investing in solutions that cater to specific needs, enable efficiencies, and unleash employee potential – business leaders can ensure that they are creating a workplace culture that values employees on an individual and collective basis.

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This means that employees feel valued and that they have the right tools and infrastructure in place to operate effectively. In the long-term, this correlates positively with attracting and retaining employees.

ET Bureau: How can audio technology help businesses to forge and strengthen new relationships with their prospects and customers?

Jane Craven: Businesses are now discovering that live conversations – even if they are virtual – are of vital importance to building and maintaining relationships. With the move to hybrid working and virtual communication, every minute counts and each word is key.

As 2021 is closing on its proximity, there are still high rates of employees working from home. This means the demand for audio technology is likely to increase. This reliance on audio technology to drive the business operations means businesses are much more willing to pay for over 90% quality solutions.

Quality audio has become a non-negotiable enabler of business continuity – leading to better customer and client service, stronger employee engagement and greater collaboration.

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Jane Craven is Sales Director of Enterprise Solutions, UK, at EPOS, the recently established audio and video solutions company in the Demant Group – the world-leading audio and hearing technology group. Jane joined Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions as Sales Director in 2012 and continues this position at EPOS. Responsible for driving and shaping EPOS’ fast-paced and rapidly growing Enterprise Solutions business segment across the UK and Ireland, Jane is passionate about ensuring that all customers receive a premium experience when purchasing an EPOS product.



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