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How RPA will drive efficiencies in Enterprise

By Vishal Muktewar - August 06, 2020 4 Mins Read


Organizations should benchmark, optimize, and then automate – the technology should be one of the final steps, says Frank Casale, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ChoiceWorx, in an exclusive interaction with EnterpriseTalk.


RPA is fast becoming the destination for efficient and more productive resources, what do you think is the future of human intelligence?

Processes that are easily defined, repeatable and rules-based will all ultimately be automated. As to what happens to human intelligence – that’s a great question with no short answer. As AI and cognitive computing continue to improve and expand, there will inevitably come an inflexion point, when the super-smart machine will surpass our mere mortal intelligence. The question I have is whether intelligence and knowledge may soon be ubiquitous and hence commoditized? If so, what will employers of the future will be looking for?

AI-as-a-Service platform is one of your products. What challenges do you see in market adoption, and how are you ensuring they are mitigated?

AI-as-a-Service is actually the solution to the many challenges introduced by the previous generation of on-premise general-purpose AI. Obstacles for organizations include the following:

-Significant up-front financial commitment.

-Complexities pertaining to implementation, integration, training, and ML requirements for more data that most enterprises possess.

-AI as a service is subscription-based. This reduces the need for up-front cash, resources, and expertise. Less cost, less risk.

With AI-as-a-Service the time to ROI is much shorter.

RPA – How Organizations Can Benefit From Automation amid the Economic Crisis

Adopting AI-based platforms for marketing offers better services, but despite the efficiencies, client-centric demands may need human intervention. How will your solutions integrate the best of both worlds?

We are currently targeting the IT service desk and RPA bot management and repair. Marketing is not a targeted use case for us at present. One of the ChoiceWORX differentiators is that we can go end to end digitally (i.e., no human in the loop), making the experience better and more cost-effective for clients.

Do you feel that all enterprise sectors will benefit equally from the AI-a-a-S platforms?

Definitely. This is a horizontal solution that brings efficiencies to common functions such as HR, IT, and Finance.

Would you see some sectors leveraging them better? Which, and how do you think it will add to their bottom lines?

There are significant strides being made in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. The common characteristics of these industries are that they have a high volume of transactions, are labor-intensive and document-intensive, and/or have a perpetual need/ pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

For companies with existing systems and legacy processes, how do you propose integration with the new all AI services?

A best practice is to lead with a focus on the process. Organizations should benchmark, optimize, and then automate – the technology should be one of the final steps. Integration in general is where many organizations get stuck. It is essential to have a clear picture of what will be simple and low cost versus what will be complex and require a significant budget and allocated resources.

Role of AI in Service Automation and Management

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Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ChoiceWORX, the AI-fuelled digital labor platform company for enterprise IT service and support. He is also Founder and Chairman of The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), Founder of the Outsourcing Institute, and Co-Founder of the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI). Frank holds a Bachelor of Science from LIU Post in Business Marketing and Management.



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