Collaboration Within Security Providers could help fight Cyber wars on Better Footing

security providers, Cyber wars, Gunter Reiss, VP Worldwide Marketing, A10 Networks Inc, IoT,
security providers, Cyber wars, Gunter Reiss, VP Worldwide Marketing, A10 Networks Inc, IoT,

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“As per forecasts, there will be somewhere between 25 billion to 30 billion IoT devices by 2025. The key here is IoT devices, as we have seen in the past, can be weaponized. In the 5G world, that can be a bigger problem because IoT devices can be connected on very low, as well as very high speeds.”

says Gunter Reiss, VP Worldwide Marketing, at A10 Networks Inc

The increasing use of IoT is posing unique security problems. How do A10 networks help clients handle them?

A10 Networks was founded in 2004 on the premise of providing the most scalable and highest performance load balancers running on off the shelf Intel x86 hardware in a shared memory architecture to meet the needs of service providers and cloud providers. We have since transformed A10 into a cybersecurity company where we continue to leverage our early technology to provide high-performance security solutions at hyperscale in the 5G and multi-cloud world.

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As per forecasts, there will be somewhere between 25 billion to 30 billion IoT devices by 2025. The key here is IoT devices, as we have seen in the past, can be weaponized. In the 5G world, that can be a bigger problem because IoT devices can be connected on very low, as well as very high speeds. IoT devices can be leveraged by cyber criminals and to launch attacks that can bring down companies’ services or service providers’ networks. We are combatting this threat with the fastest, machine learning-based automated and highly scalable high-performance DDoS protection in the industry. Today, we are protecting the second-largest public cloud provider in the world from the most sophisticated attacks.

The transition to 5G networks will challenge service providers and enterprises alike to address newer and more frequent problems. We have the solutions to support them in that. Enterprises are starting to embrace and adopt 5G radio technology as well as the entire mobility infrastructure, particularly in the smart manufacturing environment or smart city environment where enterprises are installing 5G capabilities to optimize and to speed up their own supply chain processes; how they connect robots in the manufacturing supply chain for example – as in the case of Mercedes Benz or Toyota. This provides a range of technology to optimize infrastructure that will drive better economic and operational output at a lower cost. On the other hand, there is exposure for these organizations, as well. We at A10 Networks with our data protection and Cloud Access Proxy and cloud application firewall solutions have a great opportunity to protect smart offices, and smart manufacturing with our security solutions.

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In the case of protection against DDoS attacks that I mentioned, we not only employ machine learning to more quickly, in an automated fashion, detect attacks, but we also gather threat intelligence from historical and anticipated attack activity. We have several thousands of honeypots that collect data across the internet and traffic around the globe. We know where the DDoS weapons are located and together, we use that information to help our customers very quickly detect and mitigate the growing number of attacks that will come. There are around 6 million DDoS weapons out there that can attack anytime any of the enterprise, web giant, or service provider infrastructure and so DDoS protection, which was critical in a 4G world is now even more so in a 5G world.

Leading the marketing and business development for a global brand will offer new challenges for different geographies. How does A10 customer support for security issues in different markets

We really don’t see that there are different security issues in different markets. We actually see similar patterns of the security exposure in Japan, the Middle East, as well as North America because cyber attackers can sit anywhere around the world. They can be in China, Russia, or the US, and they are increasingly leveraging these weaponized IoT devices to target any kind of entity around the world. A10 Networks provides 24×7 support around the world. Our technology is all about full ML-based automation where we are automating the security infrastructure and can provide our customers with a dashboard that highlights how quickly we detect security threats and mitigate them.

Is AI a tool in your solutions for emerging security risks? How do you use it?

We are using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to support our connected intelligence approach. Our intelligent automation can detect and mitigate attacks much faster than anybody else. Our Zero Day Attack Protection (ZAP) is leveraging AI and ML-based algorithms to stop highly sophisticated 200G+ DDoS attacks without any human intervention. Cloud providers, e-commerce, video gaming, financials, governments and other high-risk industries have switched from their legacy DDoS protection vendor to A10 Networks.

The digital transformation has disrupted the way the world does business. What challenges do you see to assuring a place for your brand in this highly competitive ever evolving market? What are your differentiators to meet your goals?

I will answer this question from two perspectives – as an enterprise and as A10 Networks.

In the cybersecurity world, if I am an enterprise and we have to drive digital transformation, it’s all about automation. I have many conversations with CIOs and CISOs around the world and they all want to simplify the underlying infrastructure and deploy a more automation-driven network and security architecture. Essentially, intelligent automation is required across the entire security and application delivery infrastructure to drive operational efficiencies and offer more agility and improved protection. As a customer at a large financial services firm said some time ago, one of the top three priorities for his bank is successfully winning the cyber war and the only way to do that is through collaboration with other companies, not just vendors but also the financial services community. It is important to be highly competitive in the digital transformation world, and actually more collaboration across certain industries can help solve challenges.

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The differentiation from an A10 Networks perspective is that we are playing in a cybersecurity world where there are many new startups who come up with capabilities. We have taken the approach of leveraging our industry-leading high-performance app delivery and security software solution and enhanced it with AI and ML-based intelligent automation to meet the demands of service providers and enterprises in their 5G and multi-cloud transformation. We are addressing complex and dynamically changing environments with our hyperscale and performance capabilities, which are unique to A10. That’s why we are the first choice for some of the largest service providers globally.

Would you like to elaborate on the collaboration across industries for better security delivery?

It is important that companies build a partner ecosystem. A10 Networks partners with companies like McAfee, Fireye, Opswat, Fidelis, Digital Guardian, Trend Micro, Oracle and Microsoft. We have these key strategic partnerships to help build a stronger fortress, a stronger application and network protection. One of the key issues that the enterprise community and CIOs and CISOs struggle today with is that they have more than thirteen different security vendors in their multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructure environment to deal with a plethora of cyber attacks and threats. It is very hard to manage such a multi-vendor environment. On the vendor’s side, it is important that these companies start collaborating more instead of building small islands, which create an operational nightmare. A10 is taking a more proactive approach by intelligently automating the app delivery and security infrastructure and continuiously expanding our partner ecosystem to simplify the CISO’s organization operational environment. Collaboraiton is in the DNA of A10 Networks.

“In the cybersecurity world, if I am an enterprise and we have to drive digital transformation, it’s all about automation.”

Gunter Reiss, VP Worldwide Marketing at A10 Networks Inc.

Gunter Reiss is vice president, worldwide marketing at A10 Networks. He joined the company in 2014 as vice president of strategic alliances. Prior to joining A10 Networks, Gunter served as vice president of business development and strategy for IP and broadband products at Ericsson. He has more than 20 years of experience in international business development and global sales with technology expertise in the mobile, IP networking, SDN, cloud and IT industries.

Reiss received his electrical engineering degree from the Higher Technical School in Vienna, Austria. He is an alumnus of the UCLA Executive M&A program and the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Venture Capitalist Executive Program.

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