3D Printing and its Impact on the New Digital Enterprise

In conversation with Michael Agam President, South Asia, at Stratasys

3D printing is the technology that can benefit all verticals – and have a special place in cost effective, accurate product development in sectors like healthcare, education and aerospace.

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With approaching transformation needs, and Industrie 4.0 demanding better innovation speeds, the race for adoption heats up.

3D printing it is being increasingly adopted to make a difference, to deliver sustainable solutions at lower costs. EnterpriseTalk speaks to Michael Agam, President, South Asia, at Stratasys, for his opinion.

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Michael Agam is President of south Asia, Stratasys, based in shanghai. He leads the team in greater china, south east Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand to drive the industry application of 3D printing technology – with over 15 years of relevant working experience in diverse businesses, with management and technical expertise in the IT space. He also has a strong track record in a fast growing international business environment. Before Stratasys Michael served in management positions in leading companies such as New Hope data, and MNC Solutions, among others.

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