Identifying Threats in the Network with the Digital Defense’s New Frontline.Cloud Solution

Identifying Threats in the Network with the Digital Defense’s New Frontline.Cloud Solution

The rapid acceleration of the digital transformation journey has left enterprises vulnerable to growing cyber threats. As these threats continue to evolve at rapid scale, organizations should opt for vulnerability management and threat assessment platforms.

The pandemic-caused boom in remote work arrangements led to a sharp rise in cyber-attack incidents in 2020 and 2021. In fact, organizations reported a 116% increase in malware and exploit activities in 2020 alone, as per Nuspire ‘Quarterly Threat Landscape Report 2020’. Cybercrime is incredibly common and affects organizations across every industry. Billions of sensitive records are accessed by malicious activities every year. Often this is accomplished by exploiting security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization’s infrastructure. Additionally, the accelerated digital transformation and cloud migration timelines are making it increasingly difficult for enterprises to maintain cybersecurity measures. Also, with infrastructures becoming more complex than ever, security practices are not followed as diligently as needed. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to opt for vulnerability management systems that can help them mitigate vulnerabilities.

“The risks posed by the weaknesses can be mitigated by vulnerability management, enabling teams to customize risk context so they can determine which critical vulnerabilities pose the most risk to their organization. This risk-based approach empowers teams to swiftly identify and remediate what matters and prevent data losses, breaches, and regulatory fines,” says Mieng Lim, VP of product management, Digital Defense.

Frontline.Cloud, a comprehensive cloud-native SaaS vulnerability management and threat assessment platform, delivers the ability for organizations to prioritize their efforts on the biggest threats in the context of the network. The innovative solutions include vulnerability management, active threat scanning, web application scanning, penetration testing and straightforward reporting and tracking.

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Helping Secure the Cloud and Network

“Most modern networks contain more vulnerabilities than a busy team has time to fix,” says Mieng Lim. “A vulnerability management solution can leverage threat intelligence to rank the likelihood of exploitation in the context of the user’s network. Users have the ability to tune their risk appetite for risk and set a risk threshold, allowing them to focus their time for greater efficiencies.”

While adopting cloud it is essential for organizations to understand its resilience against security threats. With the Frontline.Cloud solution, enterprises can assess and strengthen the security of their cloud assets pre-deployment and again in production. Also, the solution enables organizations to ensure best security practices are employed on all assets. Furthermore, the security teams can ensure that they have a stronger, more secure cloud infrastructure in place as assets are spun up or migrated in the environment. But, to successfully integrate this solution, organizations need to have a few infrastructure requirements in place.

The Infrastructure Demand

“A frequent misconception is that cloud infrastructure can be maintained exactly like traditional networks,” states Mieng Lim. “While many principles are similar, there are additional complexities to cloud environments that can both help and potentially pose a danger to an enterprise if not configured correctly.” Therefore, organizations looking to add Frontline.Cloud or other vulnerability management tools to their tech stack need to take proper measures.

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Vision for the future

According to Mieng Lim, “We take a customer-centric approach to maintaining and enhancing our solution. We use voice-of-the customer surveys and product councils to ensure any advances we make meet our customers’ changing needs.” She adds that Digital Defense has made enhancements in the Frontline.Cloud solution that include the addition of agent-based scanning and some container scanning capabilities.

Digital Defense is expanding the availability of its Threat Landscape and Network Map features for all of its customers. These features will provide invaluable context for informed decision making when it comes to prioritizing and planning remediation.

Mieng Lim is vice president of product management at Digital Defense where she’s served as a security expert for the company since 2001.  Mieng takes a consultative approach to security having held prior roles in Operations, Quality Assurance and Sales Engineering. Mieng seamlessly blends technical expertise with real world scenarios to provide an entertaining and educational cyber security perspective.

Mieng serves as a mentor and STEM advocate encouraging young women to pursue careers in security and technology and volunteers with BSides San Antonio as a staff member. Mieng holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Sociology from Trinity University.

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